NO LONGER MAINTAINED - If you want to take over maintenance, message me. More complete and secure Auth using Sprig ORM for Kohana 3.0. Uses distributed random salt for password hashing. A separate module to avoid polluting Sprig core.
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An extension of The Kohana 3 Auth module for use with Sprig User models.

This module must be added to the active modules array in your bootstrap BEFORE auth module as it overrides some classes.

Incompatibilities with Auth ORM driver

  1. There is one intentional difference from the ORM driver for Auth module, and that is that logged_in() (and by extension get_user()) will automatically call auto_login() if no user session is found. This functionality seems the most sensible to me. If this causes problems for you please raise it as an issue or just override Auth_Sprig and change it back.

Known Issues

  1. There is an outstanding issue with serializing Database reslts and therefore sprig objects with many realtions. See Sprig issue 40 Since this has gone along time without update, I have included the fix (hack?) in this model to make it work with current Sprig veersion.