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Create Apache virtual host using command line for Laragon
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💻 CmdVirtualHost

Create Apache virtual host using command line for Laragon.

⬇ Installation:

Download the raw apvh.bat file from here and add it to the system path.

📝 Before use:

Change the SSL files directory on line 9 according to yours.

i.e. set SSL_PATH=F:/laragon/etc/ssl/ -> set SSL_PATH=Your/Laragon/installation/path/etc/ssl/

🔨 Usage:

Open the Terminal and cd into the directory where all your virtual hosts are stored. (for me: F:\laragon\etc\apache2\sites-enabled)

apvh {sitename} {directory} {ssl}

⚙ Where:

  1. sitename: Sitename containing the .domain name.
  2. directory: The full (absolute) path to the site directory.
  3. ssl: Use ssl to have the virtual host for SSL else empty.

🧠 Remember:

  1. The site directory name must not contain trailing slahes (\ or /).
  2. This script assumes that you have added the virtual host entry to hosts (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc) file and in alt_names section in the openssl template file (for me: F:\laragon\usr\tpl\openssl.conf.tpl)

📃 Acronyms:

  1. apvh === Apache virtual host.
  2. India == Indians never delay in anything.

😊 Happy coding!


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