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org-jira mode

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Use Jira in Emacs org-mode.


Table of Contents



To install, just grab it off of MELPA (ensure your ~/.emacs already has MELPA set up):

(require 'package)
(add-to-list 'package-archives '("melpa" . "") t)

Then run M-x package-install RET org-jira RET and you're done!


In your ~/.emacs, you should set the variable as such:

(setq jiralib-url "")

If you don't want to enter your credentials (login/password) each time you go to connect, you can add to your ~/.authinfo.gpg or ~/.authinfo file, in a format similar to:

machine login password yourPassword port 80

Please note that in the authinfo file, port 443 should be specified if your jiralib-url is https.


Getting Started

org-jira mode is easy to use, to get started (after installing this library) try running M-x org-jira-get-issues. You should see that it pulls in all issues that are assigned to you.

Following that, you can try out some of the org-jira mode commands by visiting one of the files (they're named after your Jira project code, for example, '' for a project named 'EX').


Some of the important keybindings:

(define-key org-jira-map (kbd "C-c pg") 'org-jira-get-projects)
(define-key org-jira-map (kbd "C-c ib") 'org-jira-browse-issue)
(define-key org-jira-map (kbd "C-c ig") 'org-jira-get-issues)
(define-key org-jira-map (kbd "C-c ih") 'org-jira-get-issues-headonly)
(define-key org-jira-map (kbd "C-c iu") 'org-jira-update-issue)
(define-key org-jira-map (kbd "C-c iw") 'org-jira-progress-issue)
(define-key org-jira-map (kbd "C-c in") 'org-jira-progress-issue-next)
(define-key org-jira-map (kbd "C-c ia") 'org-jira-assign-issue)
(define-key org-jira-map (kbd "C-c ir") 'org-jira-refresh-issue)
(define-key org-jira-map (kbd "C-c iR") 'org-jira-refresh-issues-in-buffer)
(define-key org-jira-map (kbd "C-c ic") 'org-jira-create-issue)
(define-key org-jira-map (kbd "C-c ik") 'org-jira-copy-current-issue-key)
(define-key org-jira-map (kbd "C-c sc") 'org-jira-create-subtask)
(define-key org-jira-map (kbd "C-c sg") 'org-jira-get-subtasks)
(define-key org-jira-map (kbd "C-c cc") 'org-jira-add-comment)
(define-key org-jira-map (kbd "C-c cu") 'org-jira-update-comment)
(define-key org-jira-map (kbd "C-c wu") 'org-jira-update-worklogs-from-org-clocks)
(define-key org-jira-map (kbd "C-c tj") 'org-jira-todo-to-jira)
(define-key org-jira-map (kbd "C-c if") 'org-jira-get-issues-by-fixversion)


You can define your own streamlined issue progress flow as such:

(defconst org-jira-progress-issue-flow
  '(("To Do" . "In Progress"
    ("In Progress" . "Done"))))

or using typical Emacs customize options, as its a defcustom.

This will allow you to quickly progress an issue based on its current status, and what the next status should be.

If your Jira is set up to display a status in the issue differently than what is shown in the button on Jira, your alist may look like this (use the labels shown in the org-jira Status when setting it up, or manually work out the workflows being used through standard C-c iw options/usage):

(defconst org-jira-progress-issue-flow
  '(("To Do" . "Start Progress")
    ("In Development" . "Ready For Review")
    ("Code Review" . "Done")
    ("Done" . "Reopen")))

Authorization workaround (NOT secure)

If your Jira instance has disabled basic auth, you can still get in by copying your web browser's cookie (open up developer console, and right click and 'Copy request as cURL', then copy/paste the cookie into the jiralib-token variable):

(defconst jiralib-token
   (cons "Cookie" . "eyJ<your giant long cookie copied from browser"))


It's possible some things in your Jira instance rarely if ever change - while org-jira will dynamically query everything as needed, it makes use of some variables/caching per-run of Emacs. If you ever notice something was changed on the Jira setup level, you may have to restart your Emacs (or manually unset these variables). By the same token, that makes it possible to hardcode some of these values yourself, so org-jira never needs to look them up.

Some samples may be:

Optimizing available actions for status changes

Take time inspecting jiralib-available-actions-cache variable as you use org-jira, when you see the type of data it stores, you can then just define it yourself, as such, so repeated usage will not need to re-query the endpoints to get these lists:

(defconst jiralib-available-actions-cache
  '(("To Do"
     ("71" . "Business Question")
     ("11" . "Start Progress"))
    ("Code Review"
     ("71" . "Business Question")
     ("91" . "Reject")
     ("171" . "Failed Peer Review")
     ("221" . "Done"))
    ("In Development"
     ("71" . "Business Question")
     ("21" . "Ready For Review")
     ("81" . "Reject")
     ("161" . "Stop Progress"))
     ("71" . "Business Question")
     ("141" . "Re-open"))))



You can reach me directly: Matthew Carter, or file an issue here on




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