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Note: @ahungry is the new maintainer of org-jira, as I myself have not used Jira the last couple of years, and he has shown me his love for org-jira with this pull request: Thanks @ahungry!

The new project is here:

Thanks to all org-jira users. ♥

org-jira mode

Use Jira in Emacs org-mode.

For usage, please watch this youtube video. Or watch it on youku if you can’t visit youtube for some reason. My apologies beforehand if you find the video too verbose and boring.

To save the settings in your .emacs, you need only do 2 things:

  1. Set the defcustom variables defined in jiralib.el (actually only the jiralib-url is required, as the other 2 are usually computed from it correctly and is the case in the video demo):
    3 matches for "\bdefcustom\b" in buffer: jiralib.el
         55:(defcustom jiralib-host ""
        107:(defcustom jiralib-wsdl-descriptor-url
        120:(defcustom jiralib-url
  2. Write your password in ~/.authinfo, with machine being the (computed) jiralib-host, and the port being 80 (even if you are using https for Jira):
    machine JIRALIB-HOST login USERNAME password XXXXX port 80

    If you do not set USERNAME here, then it will be prompted using the minibuffer; if you set the wrong username/password, then it won’t work.

External libraries

The emacs-soap-client package is required, I used to bundle it together with org-jira (because I had a patch for adding comments in Chinese), but tarsius pointed out to me it is not a good idea. So please install that package along with org-jira.

About the patch, I have submitted it upstream. You can download it from the attachment url if it is not accepted yet.

Update: the issue has been fixed by the author, and I’ve learned from him that emacs-soap-client is bundled with GNU Emacs itself now, and he will push the fix into it. So we just need to wait a bit more.

Commands supported

Here is the list of commands supported by org-jira, with a simple help (the first line of elisp doc). It is created with C-h a org-jira RET :-)

You can C-h f on each command to get more detailed help, or just read my ugly source code:-)

org-jira-browse-issue         M-x ... RET
   Open the current issue in external browser.
org-jira-copy-current-issue-key M-x ... RET
   Copy the current issue's key into clipboard
org-jira-create-issue         M-x ... RET
   Create an issue
org-jira-create-subtask       M-x ... RET
   Create an subtask issue
org-jira-get-issues       M-x ... RET
   Get list of issues. Default is get unfinished issues assigned
org-jira-get-issues-from-filter M-x ... RET
   Get issues from filter which are jql created and saved on the
org-jira-get-issues-from-filter-headonly M-x ... RET
   Get issues *head only* from saved filter. See
org-jira-get-issues-headonly  M-x ... RET
   Get list of issues assigned to you and unresolved, head
org-jira-get-projects         M-x ... RET
   Get list of projects.
org-jira-get-subtasks         M-x ... RET
   Get subtasks for the current issue
org-jira-mode             M-x ... RET
   Toggle org-jira mode.
org-jira-progress-issue       M-x ... RET
   Progress issue workflow
org-jira-refresh-issue        M-x ... RET
   Refresh issue from jira to org
org-jira-todo-to-jira         M-x ... RET
   Convert an ordinary todo item to a jira ticket
org-jira-update-comment       M-x ... RET
   Update or create a comment for the current issue
org-jira-update-issue         M-x ... RET
   Update an issue


This plug-in is greatly inspired by org2blog.

The emacs-soap-client is the underlying library used to communicate with Jira. This project provided a sample jira2.el and I started with that file.

This readme is written using org-mode itself.