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This document is a simple how-to for =Muggle=, the tool for updating an .mff file
** Where to get the program
You can receive this program from =svn://, you should run =gupdate_mff.exe=, it will give you a GUI, if you prefer it over the CLI =update_mff.exe=.
hello world || hello again
hello baohaojun | hello baohaojun
Hello and hello ||| hello and again
** How to use the program
1. Choose input file
2. Choose output file
If you don't enter one of them here, you will get an error:
3. Choose product type
If you don't choose, there's an error when you try to Execute:
4. Choose component image files
Note that you can get a tool tip over the Edit control. And you can choose more than one type of file, but at least one is required. Or else, there will be an error:
5. Finally, press the Execute button:
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