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This is a simple FMM code on GPUs

by Rio Yokota
   June 2010

Reference : GPU Gems Vol.4 "Treecode and fast multipole method for N-body simulation with CUDA"

1. How to run the code

Set the following environment values first

To run the unoptimized FMM on CPU code do
make cpu1

To run the highly tuned FMM on CPU code do (This won't run on 32 bit machines)
make cpu2

To run the FMM on GPU code with p^3 translation do
make gpu3

To run the FMM on GPU code with p^4 translation do
make gpu4

To run the treecode change treeOrFMM to 0 in test.cpp

2. What the demo is actual calculating

The demo code for all four runs cpu1, cpu2, gpu3, gpu4 run the same example,
the calculation of the acceleration for a many body problem using randomly distributed points 
in a [-pi,pi]^3 box with random positive masses.
It has a loop that calculates for different number of particles, N=10,000 to N=10,000,000.
It does both the FMM and direct calculation and compares the L2 norm of the acceleration of all particles.
It outputs the runtime for the FMM and direct calculation and also the L2 norm error for each N.
See GPU Gems Vol.4 "Treecode and fast multipole method for N-body simulation with CUDA"
for more details.

3. FAQ

Q. I can't get cpu2 to compile
A. cpu2 works only on 64 bit machines

Q. I get a compile error like "error: more than one instance of overloaded function "__isinf" has "C" linkage"
A. Please use g++-4.3 (not 4.4) and nvcc 3.1

Q. I changed maxParticles and the program crashes
A. maxParticles is used to set the size of the arrays, please adjust them according to the size of your problem

4. Organazation of files

constants.h         : Contains global constants for array sizes and thread block sizes
                      included from kernel.h

cpukernel.cpp       : FMM kernels for the unoptimized CPU run

fmm.cpp             : Routines for tree structure and interaction lists

fmm.h               : Contains global variables, decleration of FmmSystem class used in fmm.cpp
                      included from cpukernel.cpp, ssekernel.cpp,, : FMM CUDA kernels for p^3 translation : FMM CUDA kernels for p^4 translation     : FMM CUDA wrapper for p^3 translation     : FMM CUDA wrapper for p^4 translation

kernel.h            : Declaration of FmmKernel class used in 
                      cpukernel.cpp, ssekernel.cpp,,
                      included from fmm.h

sse.h               : inline assembly instructions and kernels
                      included from ssekernel.cpp

ssekernel.cpp       : FMM kernels for the highly tuned CPU code

test.cpp            : Main driver program


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