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Revision history for Perl module CPAN::Reporter
1.1705 Tue Jan 20 10:51:24 EST 2009
- Docs: CPAN Testers website updated to
(David Westbrook)
1.1704 Sun Dec 7 06:24:07 EST 2008
- Fixed: protect CPAN::Reporter tests from older versions of itself
- Prereq: bumped Devel::Autoflush to 0.04 and CPAN to 1.9301
1.1703 Fri Dec 5 23:06:20 EST 2008
- Changed: Devel::Autoflush only added to PERL5OPT when capturing
output from Makefile.PL or Build.PL
- Prereq: bumped Devel::Autoflush to 0.03 for various fixes
1.1702 Sat Sep 13 07:20:04 EDT 2008
*** Emergency fix -- 1.1701 tickled a new Test::Harness bug ***
- Changed: reverted to old -I and -M flag order in PERL5OPT; -I flag
only added on Perl 5.8+; this should still fix Perl < 5.8 that can
only take a single flag without provoking the T::H bug
1.1701 Thu Sep 11 23:56:41 EDT 2008
- Fixed: changed order of -I and -M flags in PERL5OPT to have -M first
(since Perl 5.6.2 only supports a single flag); 5.6.2 testers may yet
again see complaints about missing Devel::Autoflush when authors call
'perl' instead of $^X in tests (oh, well...)
- Changed: bumped Test::Reporter prereq to 1.50
1.17 Sat Sep 6 19:35:44 EDT 2008
- Changed: In line with changes to CPAN Testers grade definitions,
failures during the PL or make/Build phase will now be reported as
UNKNOWN instead of FAIL
- Removed: In line with the CPAN Testers decision to no longer have
individual testers send reports to authors, the "cc_author" option
has been removed
- Fixed: "Build -j3" type errors are detected and reports discarded
- Fixed: Makefile out of date vs Makefile.PL errors detected and discarded
- Docs: updated FAQ
1.16_51 Wed Jul 16 12:41:48 EDT 2008
- Fixed: t/11_env_config was failing when tested under
CPAN::Reporter due to PERL5OPT manipulations
1.16_50 Wed Jul 16 09:41:20 EDT 2008
- Added: restored "-I" for PERL5OPT, but to a temporary lib
directory containing a copy of Devel::Autoflush.
- Fixed: enviroment variables section of report now reflects
PERL5OPT as used during build and testing
1.1601 Sat Jul 5 09:37:14 EDT 2008
- Fixed: reverted 1.15_56 PERL5OPT changes; Devel::Autoflush INC path
no longer added with "-I" as it causes old modules to be found during
testing. Testers will have to live with authors complaining about
Devel::Autoflush missing when authors call 'perl' instead of $^X
- Fixed: timeout support on *nix checks for *both* Proc::Killfam and
Proc::ProcessTable to protect against unauthorized copies of only
Proc::Killfam bundled in distributions like Tk-ExecuteCommand
1.16 Fri Jul 4 09:14:52 EDT 2008
- No changes since 1.15_56
- Summary of major features/fixes since 1.15:
- Added: support for 'configure_requires' in META.yml (adds
Parse::CPAN::Meta as dependency)
- Fixed: uses Devel::Autoflush to ensure buggy *.PL files that
prompt without a newline are always visible through the 'tee'
- Fixed: on Unix, changed command timeout approach to avoid
disconnecting STDIN from the terminal; timeouts now require
Proc::Killfam on *nix platforms
1.15_56 Thu Jun 19 22:19:33 EDT 2008
- Fixed: when multiple versions of perl are installed, distributions
that called 'perl' during testing instead of '$^X' would die trying
to load Devel::Autoflush if the first perl in PATH didn't have
Devel::Autoflush installed; fixed by added -I flag to PERL5OPT with
the path to Devel::Autoflush to ensure it can be found; (calling
'perl' is actually a subtle testing bug, but this way it doesn't look
like it's the tester's fault)
- Documented: removed suggestion to subscribe to cpan-testers since
that no longer is necessary now that cpan-testers is just a
drop-box (noted by Jose Luis Martinez)
1.15_55 Mon Jun 9 08:11:01 EDT 2008
- Fixed: catch META.yml parse failures from Parse::CPAN::Meta
(Reported by Andreas Koenig)
1.15_54 Fri Jun 6 14:06:57 EDT 2008
- Fixed: would disconnect from terminal input when running interactively
with an inactivity timeout; fixed by avoiding use of setpgrp(), but
now requires Proc::Killfam to support inactivity timeouts on non Win32
platforms. (Bug reported by Andy Armstrong)
1.15_53 Thu Jun 5 06:37:13 EDT 2008
- Fixed: PERL5OPT could was being set with a leading space, which can
break distributions being tested under Test::Harness
1.15_52 Wed Jun 4 22:23:39 EDT 2008
- Fixed: t/11_env_config.t had a bug that would fail incorrectly if
an environment variable had a leading space
1.15_51 Wed Jun 4 17:57:42 EDT 2008
- Fixed: t/13_record_command.t relative path tests are incompatible
with Devel::Autoflush; removed the broken tests
1.15_50 Tue Jun 3 12:13:12 EDT 2008
- Added: on FAIL reports, now checks for missing configure_requires
and discards the report if configure_requires is not satisfied.
(Adds Parse::CPAN::Meta as dependency.)
- Fixed: some *.PL files prompt without autoflush, which works
normally, but appears to silently hang when piping to a tee.
CPAN::Reporter now uses Devel::Autoflush in PERL5OPT to always turn
on autoflush
- Fixed: distributions with odd names wouldn't be recorded in history;
now they are recorded as 'DISCARD'
1.15 Mon May 19 11:21:47 EDT 2008
- Changed: now requires Test::Reporter 1.40
- No other changes from 1.14_xx series
1.14_04 Thu Apr 17 06:37:26 EDT 2008
- Documented: added section on transport config option
1.14_03 Thu Apr 17 06:37:26 EDT 2008
- Uploaded without Changes file updated
1.14_02 Sun Apr 6 09:45:39 EDT 2008
- Changed: improved diagnostics messages for 'transport' failures
1.14_01 Sat Apr 5 18:30:44 EDT 2008
- Changed: if 'transport' configuration option is not valid according
to Test::Reporter, no report will be sent instead of falling back
to Net::SMTP
1.13 Mon Mar 24 09:22:44 EDT 2008
- Changed: Build.PL or Makefile.PL that returns without error but
does *not* create either 'Makefile' or 'Build' will be marked as
'DISCARD' for the PL phase instead of 'PASS'.
- Fixed: Prereq check would be confused if loading modules also
printed anything to STDOUT (somehow is a culprit); added
"select DEVNULL" before requiring modules as a workaround
1.12 Mon Mar 10 08:55:48 EDT 2008
- Added: Win32::FsType() to special variables section of report
- Added: diagnostic warning if PrereqCheck output can't be parsed
1.11 Mon Feb 25 18:47:03 EST 2008
- Bug fix: successful PL's where prereqs happen not to be satisfied
were mistakenly being marked as 'DISCARD' for the PL phase. Fixed so
that PL's that PASS will stay that way regardless of prerequisites.
(This does not prevent a later make or test failure from being
- Bug fix: skipfiles patterns should match case-insensitive (Cantrell);
also, documented lack of starting anchor
- Bug fix: command_timeout option would not accept zero as valid; now
zero is a valid option and disables command_timeout
- more minor boilerplate tweaks
1.10 Mon Feb 25 10:07:28 EST 2008
I hereby dub 1.10 as the "I hate Windows" release
- Bug fix (sort of): On Win32, child processes were not timing out.
Changed from Win32::Process to Win32::Job to fix that. However,
discovered that process termination on Win32 can deadlock in some
cases, so timeout testing on Win32 will now skip unless
$ENV{PERL_AUTHOR_TESTING} is set. Added warning to documentation.
- Bug fix: On a Win32 virtual machine (VirtualBox), handles for output
capture were not inherited by child processes, which caused Test::Harness
to crash for some reason.
1.09 Mon Feb 18 22:10:55 EST 2008
- Simplified and shortened boilerplate
- Bug fix (minor): better detection of make vs Build for progress
- Test fix: skip interrupt testing on MSWin32 if Win32::Process
is not installed
1.0801 Sun Feb 10 00:27:05 EST 2008
- Test fix: adjust timeout timings in t/14_command_timeout.t to try to
avoid failures on heavily loaded machines
1.08 Sat Jan 26 18:52:45 EST 2008
- No changes from 1.07_06 (seems to pass smoke tests)
- Summary of new features since 1.06:
- Added have_tested() function to CPAN::Reporter::History
- Added 'cc_skipfile' and 'send_skipfile' advanced config options
- Added 'command_timeout' advanced config option
- Added support for PERL_CPAN_REPORTER_DIR and
PERL_CPAN_REPORTER_CONFIG environment variables
1.07_06 Fri Jan 25 11:27:28 EST 2008
- Added 'command_timeout' config to halt commands after a period of time
- Added detection of commands killed with a signal; reports are discarded
(N.B. this may change in a future version)
- Bug fix: processes timing out could still hang with child processes
(killing 'make test' still leaves the harness running); fixed by making
'make test' its own process group and killing the process group; hoping
that's portable across non-Win32; Win32 timeouts use Win32::Process and
do the right thing already
- Downgraded lots of progress messages from CPAN's 'mywarn' to 'myprint'
(from red to blue if you use CPAN's colored output)
1.07_05 Thu Jan 24 08:27:48 EST 2008
variables to specify alternate locations for default configuration
directory and file (RT#30314)
- Removed File::Temp as a full prerequisite; now only used in testing
(Requested by Adam Foxson to extract features to CPAN::Testers::*)
1.07_04 Sun Jan 20 22:06:56 EST 2008
- Test fix: stopping cc on blead broke lots of other tests. Fixed those.
Built my own blead perl so I can actually check these things in the
future instead of relying on Andreas' blead smoking
- Test fix: testing skipfile wasn't being created properly on Perl 5.005
1.07_03 Sat Jan 19 22:16:44 EST 2008
- Test fix: set sample history file writeable after copy
1.07_02 Sat Jan 19 20:33:55 EST 2008
- Added have_tested() function to CPAN::Reporter::History; provide ability
to search the CPAN::Reporter history file
- Bug fix: PL files that warned "OS Unsupported" and exited with 0 will
now be flagged as NA; this bends the CPAN Testers "rules" slightly, but
"OS Unsupported" is a hack anyway, so this should help things DWIM
- Test fix: more changes to timeout testing to avoid false failures
- Authors will never be CC'd on reports when running maint/blead perl
(anything with $Config{perl_patchlevel} set)
- Reports discarded due to missing prerequisites will now be recorded
in the history file with a 'grade' of DISCARD (unless a duplicate
DISCARD already exists)
- Changed "edit_report" prompt to clarify this can be used to review
reports in addition to just editing them
- Shortened duplicate report warning to fit on one line
1.07_01 Tue Jan 8 01:41:02 EST 2008
- Added "cc_skipfile" and "send_skipfile" advanced config options to
specify a text file of regex patterns; if a distribution ID
('AUTHOR/Dist-Name-0.01.tar.gz') matches any pattern in the file, the
author will not be copied on the report (cc_skipfile) or no reports
will be sent at all (skip_sendfile)
1.0602 Tue Dec 25 08:59:07 EST 2007
- Test fix: a timeout test would sometimes appear to fail on a highly
loaded system; changed the runtime and timeout timings to try to
prevent false failures; added better diagnostic output
1.0601 Tue Dec 11 12:19:25 EST 2007
- Test fix: Test::Harness 3.05 fixed a long standing bug; the fix
broke our tests
1.06 Thu Nov 15 14:17:04 EST 2007
- Bug fix: if older versions of a module are in multiple
locations in @INC, CPAN::Reporter could detect the older version
instead of the newer one; fixed in CPAN::Reporter::PrereqCheck
(RT#30345; additional investigation by Andy Armstrong)
- Bug fix: "our $VERSION" check still wasn't working on 5.005; now
fixed (reported by Slaven Rezic). Note, this situation only
applies to Module::Build <= 0.2808, where Build.PL dies before a
legitimate "require => { perl => 5.006 }" is processed. (Makefile.PL
does not die in this situation and Makefile.PL has no way of
signaling a required perl version other than "use 5.006" or equivalent
in the Makefile.PL)
- Bug fix: wasn't printing Test::Reporter error message if a report
couldn't be sent (RT#30730 by BLOONIX)
- Changed FAIL report boilerplate about CPAN::Testers wiki to be
more explicit that the wiki teaches how to deal with dependencies, OS,
etc. (suggested by Olly Betts)
1.05 Tue Nov 6 14:41:48 EST 2007
- Added checks for Makefile.PL/Build.PL dying early on Perl < 5.6 if
modules define their version using "our $VERSION"; such cases will
be graded NA (RT#30299; report and partial patch from Slaven Rezic)
- Added author's email address to the prompt question for whether to
CC the author. Also fixed typo in the prompt.
(suggested by Slaven Rezic)
- Added "CPAN::Reporter" consistently as a prefix to all console
messages to distinguish them from messages from Noisy, but
helps track errors/complaints to the right source.
- Bug fix: on first installation, "reload cpan" might load CPAN::Reporter
when an old version File::Temp is already loaded; added an explicit
version check on File::Temp (reported by Andreas Koenig)
1.04 Fri Oct 26 06:56:32 EDT 2007
- Bug fix: temp files were being created in the current directory,
not the File::Spec->tmpdir() directory; this broke distributions
that used their own distribution directory for signature or
1.03 Wed Oct 24 17:13:59 EDT 2007
- Added a check for prerequisites that are present but fail to load;
in such a case the prereq "have" field will show "broken" (e.g a
dependency of that module is missing)
- Refactored prerequisite checking code into a separate modulino
CPAN::Reporter::PrereqCheck to cut down on excessive tempfile use
and simplify testing
- Added name templates for all tempfiles to help identify leakage
or left-over files if tests are interrupted. All names are like
CR-ZZ-XXXXXXXX, where ZZ is unique to each File::Temp call and X's
are a random suffix
- Testing bug fix: in the rare case where Module::Build is present but
broken, we would only skip Build.PL tests once instead of always
1.02 Sun Oct 14 08:57:38 EDT 2007
- Bug fix: shell quotes in command passed to record_command() were not
being properly escaped in creation of the wrapper script
(found by Andreas Koenig)
- Bug fix: wasn't detecting Perl version too low during make/Build
phase. Reports were improperly graded as 'FAIL' instead of 'NA'
(found by Slaven Rezic and David Cantrell)
- Bug fix: wasn't detecting missing prerequisites during "make" phase
and FAIL reports were being sent that should have been discarded
(found by Michel Rodriguez and David Cantrell)
1.01 Sat Oct 13 03:21:40 EDT 2007
- Bug fix: no prompt for sending reports was being shown if
advanced send_*_report options were set. (Found by David Cantrell)
- Bug fix: was not detecting Module::Install's perl version warning
(found by Slaven Rezic)
1.00 Wed Oct 10 20:39:42 EDT 2007
*** New major release -- API changes and other enhancements ***
Summary of major changes from 0.XX series:
* Added support for reporting for *.PL and make/Build stages; bumped prerequisite to 1.9203 to take advantage of this support
* Added support for the forthcoming Test::Harness 3.00
* Changed the name and format of the history file of sent reports to
track history by PL/make/test phase. Old history.db will be
automatically upgraded to new reports-sent.db.
* Moved 'cc_author' and 'send_duplicates' options from interactive
to advanced (manual) configuration; defaults are strongly recommended
* Bumped Test::Reporter prereq to 1.34 for transport() method and set
default transport to Net::SMTP on all platforms
Additional minor new change in 1.00:
- Added CPAN Testers wiki URL to explanation paragraph for FAIL reports
(request by Slavan Rezic)
0.99_15 Mon Oct 8 08:33:56 EDT 2007
This release is dedicated to Slaven Rezic for boldly smoking with
the pre-release of Perl 5.005_05.
- Work around missing 5.005 Fcntl constants (noted by Slaven Rezic)
- Fix bug detecting perl version failure in test output
(found by Slaven Rezic while testing Sub::Uplevel on 5.00505)
- Fix bug detecting OS unsupported in and make
- Test output truncated at 50K to ensure reports will be accepted
by's MX and to avoid excessive output in general
(MX limitation noted by Slaven Rezic)
- Added documentation note in that all methods are
currently private
- Removed and from MANIFEST and tarball -- these are
just source files for API.pod and FAQ.pod generated with Pod::WikiDoc
0.99_14 Tue Oct 2 14:49:40 EDT 2007
* Bumped prereq to 1.9203 -- fixes a bug where make/build
continues even if Makefile/Build is missing, causing FAIL
reports for modules that exit(0) without generating a Makefile.
- Set transport() default to Net::SMTP; ensures CPAN::Reporter can
work out-of-the-box on systems that happen to have Mail::Send and
a broken sendmail installation
- eliminated several Perl::Critic level 4-5 complaints
- added some entries to the FAQ
0.99_13 Thu Sep 27 06:24:00 EDT 2007
* Bump Test::Reporter prereq to 1.34 for transport() method. Added
"transport" advanced configuration option.
(Requested by Andreas Koenig)
- Improved robustness of conversion of old history files on Win32 for
really old CPAN::Reporter history formats
- Minor report format tweaks
0.99_12 Sun Sep 23 13:14:08 EDT 2007
* Bumped prereq to 1.92 (full support for PL/make)
- Reordered report sections to move program output to immediately
after tester comments; this keeps most relevant information at the
top and prereqs and other context follow
- Added perl version to the report intro paragraph since otherwise it
doesn't appear until the "perl -V" output at the end of the report
- Compressed UID/EUID variables to a single line in the report
- Made report language less 'test' specific, since we can also report
on PL or make failures
- Changed the way perl version is stringified for history file entries to
workaround an old bleadperl bug; (a "better safe than sorry" fix)
(Reported by Andreas Koenig)
- Cleans up temp directories in testing more frequently
0.99_11 Fri Sep 21 17:02:18 EDT 2007
- Fallback to "make test" or "Build test" exit value when output parsing
fails. This supports custom testing in Makefile.PL or Build.PL
(Reported on Prima by Dmitry Karasik)
0.99_10 Tue Sep 11 17:29:18 EDT 2007
- Added advanced options "send_PL_report", "send_make_report" and
"send_test_report" to override "send_report" for individual phases
(requested by David Cantrell)
0.99_09 Mon Sep 10 09:50:57 EDT 2007
- Fix test failure on bleadperl
0.99_08 Sat Sep 8 18:07:08 EDT 2007
* History file of sent reports has a new name ('reports-sent.db') and a
new format with phase of testing for report ('PL', 'make', 'test')
- More robust check for Test::Harness 2.99_01 (works even with out-of-date
releases of
- More refactoring of config/history functions into separate modules
0.99_07 Wed Sep 5 18:20:37 EDT 2007
- Skips inactivity timeout on Win32 without Win32::Process >= 0.10
(bug found by Corion)
- Bails out on Test::Harness 2.99_01 (not supported)
0.99_06 Wed Sep 5 16:56:23 EDT 2007
- Added support for new message format from Test::Harness alpha (2.99_02)
- Changed grading for test files with no output from FAIL to UNKNOWN to
harmonize with new Test::Harness approach
- Falls back to overall 'make test' exit code for success or failure if
recursive Makefile.PL's are detected; File::Find added to prereqs;
Bumped EU::MM prereq to 6.36 to get bug fixes for recursion and more
- record_command() wrappers do better error checking for exec failures
- Bumped File::Copy::Recursive dependency to 0.35 (fixes Win32 bug)
- More defensive test coding
- changed to the Apache License, version 2.0; (it's clearer, relicensable,
and is explicit about contributions)
0.99_05 Mon Aug 27 16:16:50 EDT 2007
- Fixed copy/paste typo that caused testing to fail; (serves me right
for rushing out 0.99_04 without using my normal release-testing script)
0.99_04 Mon Aug 27 07:40:59 EDT 2007
- Merged changes from 0.4801
0.4801 Mon Aug 27 07:30:24 EDT 2007
- File::Copy::Recursive 0.34 is badly broken on Windows, causing our
tests to fail; added an "xcopy" workaround
0.99_03 Fri Aug 10 12:03:07 EDT 2007
- Fixed broken PL tests when Module::Build is not available
- Tweaked grade result message printed to screen
- Noted in Pod that CPAN 1.91_53 is required for full support
- Reordered Changes to be chronological
0.48 Tue Aug 7 16:28:42 EDT 2007
- Bumped Test::More prereq to 0.62 (from 0.99_02)
- More portable directory checks in test helper module
- Cleaned up DOS/unix line endings in many files
0.99_02 Tue Aug 7 06:54:59 EDT 2007
- Author tests (e.g. pod/pod-coverage) moved to 'author_t' directory
- Module::Build subclass used for development moved to inc
- Pulled forward maintenance changes from 0.47_01
- Bumped Test::More prereq to 0.62
0.47_01 Sat Aug 4 00:09:54 EDT 2007
- Added TEMP and TMPDIR to environment variables included in report
- Changed inclusion of AUTHOR_TESTING environment variable
to any matching /AUTHOR_TEST/
- Changed how "Build.PL" is executed in tests to diagnose odd Cygwin
failure; increased test diagnostics
0.99_01 Tue Jul 31 22:28:25 EDT 2007
* Major API additions and configuration changes in preparation for
adding Makefile/Build.PL and make/Build support into
* Deprecated test() function; test() separated into record_command()
and grade_test() functions to support sending
reports from output generated indpendently from CPAN::Reporter,
e.g. using Expect with distroprefs
* Added record_command() to wrap and tee a system() command and
return results for further evaluation in grade_*() functions;
wrapping used to capture exit values that would otherwise be lost
from pipe to tee; will support CPAN inactivity timouts on both *nix
and Win32
* Added grade_PL() function to evaluate results of 'perl Makefile.PL'
or 'perl Build.PL'; recognizes 'require 5.xxxxx' and unsupported
OS error messages to be 'NA' as well as ordinary pass/fail outcomes
* Added grade_make() function to evaluate results of 'make' or
* Added grade_test() function to evaluate results of 'make test'
or 'Build test' (refactored from old test() function)
* Removed 'cc_author' and 'send_duplicates' options from normal
interactive configuration; defaults will be used unless set
manually in the configuration file
- separated documentation into separate API and Config files to
keep documentation simple in the primary CPAN::Reporter file
- added YAML & YAML::Syck to list of toolchain module versions
reported (i.e. determines if META.yml is used by
- began refactoring configuration code: moved configuration
defaults and validation into
- fixed bug in distribution-version string creation for .tar.bz2
0.46 Tue Jul 17 22:05:50 EDT 2007
*** Significant improvements to NA report handling ***
* Changes as per CPAN Testers specifications from Barbie
* NA reports should now be sent to CPAN Testers instead of discarded
- Tests that fail with 'OS Unsupported' or 'No support for OS' are
now correctly identified as NA
- FAIL/UNKNOWN grades results with unsatisfied prerequisites are
discarded immediately instead of being flagged as NA
- changed default configurations to automatically send NA just like PASS
- interactive configuration now always shows recommended options
in addition to any prior configuration
- added CPAN Testers website and wiki to SEE ALSO in docs
- improved tests for detecting reports sent/not-sent
0.45 Tue Jul 3 17:07:30 EDT 2007
- distribution tests that bailout now detected as FAIL instead of UNKNOWN
- UNKNOWN results when prereqs are missing are downgraded to NA
(just like FAIL reports with missing prereqs already were)
0.44 Sun Jun 17 22:05:46 EDT 2007
- searches through duplicate history file instead of loading as a hash
- added flocking to history file read/write
(and faked it for platforms that don't support flock)
- duplicate history includes $Config{perl_patchlevel} if it exists
0.43 Tue Apr 24 22:55:32 EDT 2007
- enhanced duplicate tracking to include Perl version (suggested by
David Cantrell)
0.42 Tue Apr 24 00:27:56 EDT 2007
- added "send_duplicates" option with default "no"; compares CPAN Testers
subject lines (grade, distribution, version and platform) to previous
test results and skips sending duplicate reports
0.41 Sun Mar 25 09:39:07 EDT 2007
- test reports will not be sent if the distribution name doesn't appear
appear to be an actual distribution with version and archive suffix
(Suggested by Barbie)
- refactored tests
- fixed ID format in mock CPAN::Distributions used in testing
0.40 Wed Feb 28 23:30:13 EST 2007
- eliminated Perl::Critic level 5 and (most) level 4 complaints
- added defensive code in case can't provide a valid Author
object (Reported by David Cantrell)
0.39 Sat Feb 10 19:28:13 EST 2007
- changed prereq version testing to better match approach used
- added support for Module::Build-style extended prerequisite logic
(e.g. ">= N.nn, !" etc.)
0.38 Mon Dec 4 20:39:18 EST 2006
- fixed uninitialized value warning in "Preparing test report for..."
0.37 Mon Dec 4 08:44:54 EST 2006
- fixed false result given back to when config file is missing
but tests passed (Reported by Andreas Koenig)
0.36 Mon Dec 4 00:20:32 EST 2006
- changed default for send_report to "no" for "na" reports to avoid
sending spurious reports from prerequisites failures
- customized email report intros for better help to module authors
receiving a CC for various types of reports
- removed email address for RT to reduce spam
- Added a FAQ and example config.ini
0.35 Fri Nov 10 01:52:47 EST 2006
- fixed environment report tests for the case of undefined/empty environment variables
- added support for ANSI color messages and prompts
0.34 Wed Nov 8 05:39:22 EST 2006
- fixed test skip block count when Module::Build is not installed
(reported by rinceWind)
0.33 Tue Nov 7 07:37:08 EST 2006
- Added Test::Harness and Test::More to the modules included as
part of the toolchain version report
0.32 Tue Nov 7 01:24:14 EST 2006
- Added versions of module toolchain (e.g. CPAN, ExtUtils::MakeMaker,
Module::Build, etc.) to test report
- Added Pod warning about potential privacy issues from sending
environment and other information as part of the test report
0.31 Mon Nov 6 13:38:57 EST 2006
- replace broken 0.30 release
0.30 Mon Nov 6 13:29:03 EST 2006
- changed report output to have a different introductory paragraph for
each test grade to better clarify the meaning of 'unknown' and 'na'
results from testing
- added select environment variables and Perl special variables to
generated report
- added some addition clarifications in Pod
0.29 Sat Oct 28 13:36:26 EDT 2006
*** Backward compatibility warning: See below and 0.28_51 change log ***
* Config file location on Mac OS X
* Config option format and semantics for action prompts
- fixed RT#22557: recursive build directories with no tests will no longer
cause an "unknown" grade if tests exist at the top-level directory
- changed action prompt rules; default is always no unless otherwise
specified -- the suggested rule from interactive configuration has no
impact on parsing
- changed default action for edit_report and send_report to "no" and "yes"
respectively if the grade is pass to avoid holding up successful
installations. (Suggested by Michael Schwern)
- changed several tests to always mock configuration directory; prevents
OS X config files from being migrated early during testing. (Reported by
Michael Schwern).
- added explanation of grade:action pairs during configuration
- added validation of grade:action pairs during configuration
0.28_51 Mon Oct 23 23:47:33 EDT 2006
*** Backward compatibility warning: configuration options have changed and
config directory on OS X has changed ***
- changed config directory on Mac OS X to ~/.cpanreporter instead of
~/Documents/.cpanreporter to be more like Unix; automatically moves
config file if old directory is detected. (RT#22120)
- changed action prompt configuration option format to support grade-
specific actions (RT#21690)
- fixed success/failure parsing when recursive make output is included;
line parsing is now done in reverse and only the first matching line
is used
- changed perl version prerequisite logic; report will only be marked
"na" if a perl version was explicitly set in the prerequisites;
autodetection of low perl version was removed to eliminate spurious
matches from recursive makes
- added tests for report output format
0.28 Sun Oct 8 12:47:46 EDT 2006
- fixed test programs to force cleanup temp directories
(due to bug in File::Temp)
0.27 Wed Oct 4 14:04:08 EDT 2006
*** Emergency bug fix ***
- fixed fatal bug in prereq collection from some versions of
0.26 Wed Oct 4 09:25:08 EDT 2006
- fixed prereq tests: requiring "0" will now pass for modules with no
$VERSION defined (will show that version '0' is installed)
- fixed prereq tests for and bleadperl expansion of
version numbers when stringified (1.2 becomes 1.200)
- bumped ExtUtils::MakeMaker prereq version to 6.26 to ensure proper
globbing of t/*.t files for Test::Harness
0.25 Tue Oct 3 23:00:02 EDT 2006
- fixed prereq testing: tests are conducted in a perl subprocess to use
same $ENV{PERL5LIB} as used for testing itself; necessary to support
prerequisites that may be tested by but not yet installed
- added special logic for perl prerequisite version checks now that passes it along
- added tests for prereq reporting
0.24 Sun Oct 1 04:27:51 EDT 2006
*** Emergency bug fix ***
- added a dummy file to t/dist/NoTestFiles/t to ensure the directory
is included in the distribution manifest and tarball; otherwise
NoTestFiles tests fail
0.23 Fri Sep 29 14:35:49 EDT 2006
- changed handling to wrap 'make test'
execution with a standardized (parsable) string; does not run twice anymore (Jonathan Rockway)
- added additional test distributions and added tests for diagnostic
messages explaining each grade (coverage now > 90%)
0.22 Thu Sep 28 23:44:54 EDT 2006
- added support for future support for separate requires and
build_requires prerequisites
- changed prerequisites report for easier reading and to show requires
and build_requires individually, if available from
- changed test grading under ExtUtils::MakeMaker from output
parsing to determining the success or failure of a separate run of
0.21 Thu Sep 28 07:06:30 EDT 2006
- added support with full capture of output (Tim Bunce)
- added support for "NA" grade when prerequisites are not meta or
Perl version is too low
- refactored tests into separate files by grade
0.20 Sun Sep 24 22:45:48 EDT 2006
- fixed RT#21626: "unknown" results will now be reported to as
success and will not interrupt module installation (Slaven Rezic)
- added support for files -- though under "make", report is based
on exit code only and no output is collected
- added several new tests and test distributions for greater coverage and
confirming bug closure
- added user feedback for test grade assigned during report generation
- changed format of test report
0.19 Fri Sep 22 16:54:02 EDT 2006
- changed test IO capture to IO::CaptureOutput (fixes test issues
for Perl < 5.8) (Andreas Konig)
0.18 Thu Sep 21 21:03:57 EDT 2006
- added workaround for a bizarre VERSION() method confict when
Module::Signature is installed on older Perls (Andreas Konig)
- added note about location of config files for Mac OS X (SKUO)
- updated "Getting Started" Pod now that CPAN 1.88 is out
0.17 Sat Sep 9 07:11:08 EDT 2006
- changed t/03_test_report.t to skip Module::Build tests if
Module::Build is not installed
0.16 Fri Sep 8 07:19:25 EDT 2006
- fixed file mode bug in t/02_config_file_t (Slaven Rezic)
- added first regression tests for pass/fail
0.15 Wed Sep 6 19:23:32 EDT 2006
- fixed broken test() -- all tests were reporting failed
0.14 Wed Sep 6 15:53:52 EDT 2006
- added configure() for config file generation and interactive config
- removed automatic config file generation from the test() function
- updated getting started documentation to reflect
'o conf init test_report' syntax (as of 1.87_59) and new
interactive config feature of CPAN::Reporter
- added the 'fail' config value; equivalent to 'yes' if a test failed
and 'no' otherwise
- changed "cc_author" default to "fail"
- added error checks and testing for config file generation
0.13 Tue Aug 29 06:31:38 EDT 2006
- added slightly more verbose progress messages, including for CC's and
for reports not sent
- minor documentation improvements
0.12 Sat Aug 26 19:05:54 EDT 2006
- updated docs to indicate that CPAN 1.87_57 supports CPAN::Reporter
0.11 Sat Aug 26 12:20:32 EDT 2006
- fail-safe files -- can't determine success for "make test"
when teed and can't parse for Test::Harness output
- fail-safe output parsing -- if the expected failure string from
Test::Harness is not found, report "unknown" instead of fail
- added compatibility for "reload cpan" command (Andreas Konig)
- added options "debug" and "editor" (Andreas Konig)
- bumped Tee version requirement
0.10 Tue Aug 8 23:56:07 EDT 2006
- first public release -- support not yet available in
main branch