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GanttProject is a free project management app for desktops. It comes with:

  • Task hierarchy and dependencies, milestones, baselines.
  • Gantt chart with an option to generate PERT chart.
  • Resource load chart.
  • Task cost calculation.
  • Export to PDF, HTML, PNG.
  • Interoperability with MS Project, Excel and other spreadsheet apps.
  • Project collaboration using WebDAV and a commercial collaboration service GanttProject Cloud.

Visit to learn more.


GanttProject is free and open-source software, distributed under GNU General Public License v3.

Check out, build and run

Clone the repository using git clone and checkout the submodules with git submodule update from the repository root.

You can build and run the core part of GanttProject, with no export/import features, using gradle run.

If you want to build the complete app, use gradle runapp or gradle distbin && cd ganttproject-builder/dist-bin && ./ganttproject (on Linux and macOS)