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Copyright bitcoin, litecoin, digitalcoin, argentum developers 2013.

Website: ARGCurrency.Org

Argentum is the Latin name for the element silver. It is the perfect name to represent this currency and the potential it has with a dedicated development team. Argentum is fast, unique, and secure. We have learned from many of the past crypto-currencies and created one that can rival any. Argentum brings innovation and experimentation that pushes the limits. The website, marketplace, and exchange are under construction and will be launched soon after Argentum.


General -Scrypt -Optimized client

Blocks -Block size increased to 10mb -Signature operations per block maximum increased to 100k -32 Second block time

The first two features are on the bitcoin hardfork wishlist. We wanted to create the first cryptographic currency with almost unlimited scalability. The signature operations per block were not increased as much as block size because it is unnecessary and theoretically unreachable as is.

Difficulty -Re-targets every 250 blocks

Currency Creation 64 million total ARG. Once this limit is reached, it is increased by 1.1% annually, the rate of human population growth.

Fair launch: We opted for a fair launch to let everyone start mining at the same time.

Block 0-500: 0 ARG Block 500-1000: 1 ARG Block 1000-1500: 2 ARG Block 1500+: block reward random from 1-5. This sort of configuration is more realistic and adds additional security to the network by adding more variability. It also discourages difficulty hopping.

Random block rewards: Rewards are not completely random but deterministic random. Argentum uses the last block hash as a seed to generate a "random" number. The same number always results from a given seed so the network will stay synced.

Security -Mined blocks mature after 30 confirms: Argentum is a fast currency but it does not compromise the safety of the blockchain in the process.

Ports Listen port: 13580 RPC PORT: 13581

Development There will be blocks mined for funding an upcoming currency exchange platform, marketplace, and a gaming platform as well as development of a foundation to support Argentum. More details will be announced.

We will be distributing 25 coins to the first 1000 people to post in the initial promotional giveaway thread as the use for the first 25,000 coins. We believe this will help create a balance in the economy and add value to the currency.

Team We have a team that will build core services and useful applications for Argentum. We welcome anyone to join the team and help with development.

Core Programmers: 2 Web developers : 2 Graphic designer: 1

Mining You can either solo mine or mine in a pool.


  1. Launch the wallet after following the setup guide above
  2. Configure your miner to connect to your local IP (Examples: 192.168.x.x:13581, 127.0.0.x:13581) using your RPC details.
  3. Launch your miner. Example: Example: cgminer.exe -ñscrypt -o LOCALIP -u RPCUSERNAME -p RPCPASSWORD


  1. Create an account at a pool. It is not necessary for P2pool as you will use your ARG address to receive payment.
  2. Create a worker if you are not on a P2pool.
  3. Launch your miner Example: cgminer.exe -ñscrypt -o POOL.COM -u POOL.USERNAME -p POOLPASSWORD Example P2pool: cgminer.exe --scrypt -o P2POOL.COM -u ARGENTUMADDRESS -p ANYTHING