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Simple, beautiful discussion forums - for customer support, news aggregation, QA sites, and online communities.

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Ribbot is an open source discussion forum that was inspired by Hacker News, Reddit, StackOverflow, and 37Signals Answers.

You can use the hosted version (and see a demo) at or clone/fork it to run on your own system however you'd like.


✓ Threaded discussions

✓ User voting and reputation

✓ Search

✓ Intelligent ranking algorithms

✓ Moderation Tools

✓ Custom Themes

✓ Custom domains

✓ Third party logins (coming soon)

✓ Forum monetization for owners (coming soon)

About Ribbot

Standard online forums often lead to low quality discussions. Sites like Hacker News, Reddit, StackOverflow, and 37Signals Answers have pioneered a new format for forums that leads to higher quality content. They are characterized by a number of features including post ranking, user reputation, crowd sourcing, and threaded discussions.

Ribbot seeks to allow any company or online community to setup a similar forum and build a high quality community online.


  • Feel free to fork, and submit pull requests
  • Be sure to run the test suite to make sure nothing broke, and please add a new test for new functionality (especially high level request/integration specs)
  • You can keep tests running continually in the background while developing with guard (this is preferred) or one off using rspec spec


Ribbot is released under the MIT license as open source software.

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