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A nodejs wrapper for the JIRA REST API
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JavaScript JIRA API for node.js

A node.js module, which provides an object oriented wrapper for the JIRA REST API.

This library is built to support version 2.0.alpha1 of the JIRA REST API.

JIRA REST API documentation can be found here


Install with the node package manager npm:

$ npm install jira


Install via git clone:

$ git clone git://git://
$ cd node-jira
$ npm install


Find the status of an issue.

JiraApi = require('jira').JiraApi;

var jira = new JiraApi('https',, config.port, config.user, config.password, '2.0.alpha1');
jira.findIssue(issueNumber, function(error, issue) {
    console.log('Status: ' +;

Currently there is no explicit login call necessary as each API call makes a call to login before processing. This causes a lot of unnecessary logins and will be cleaned up in a future version.

Implemented APIs

  • Authentication
  • Pulling an issue
  • Pulling a project
  • Pulling unresolved issues count for a specific version
  • Issue linking
  • Pulling versions
  • Adding a new version


  • API docs
    • Better most methods are currently undocumented
  • Tests
  • Refactor currently implemented APIs to be more Object Oriented
  • Refactor to make use of built-in node.js events and classes
  • Auto-redirect between http and https following headers
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