Collects data about your Plex server and sends it to InfluxDB
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Plex Data Collector For InfluxDB


This is a tool for collecting some basic info about your Plex server and sending it to InfluxDB. This is ideal for displaying Plex specific information in a tool such as Grafana.


Enter your desired information in config.ini and run

Please Note: If you have authentication enable in InfluxDB the provided user must be an admin

Configuration within config.ini


Key Description
Delay Delay between updating metrics
ReportCombined When using multiple servers report total streams over all servers


Key Description
Address Delay between updating metrics
Port InfluxDB port to connect to. 8086 in most cases
Database Database to write collected stats to
Username User that has access to the database
Password Password for above user
Verify_SSL Disable SSL verification for InfluxDB Connection


Key Description
Username Plex username
Password Plex Password
Servers A comma separated list of servers you wish to pull data from.
HTTPS Connect to server using HTTPS
Verify_SSL Disable SSL verification (Use this if you have a self sign SSL)


Key Description
Level Minimum type of message to log. Valid options are: critical, error, warning, info, debug


  • Python 3.x
  • InfluxDB server

Run pip install -r requirements.txt

Python Packages