A tool to collect statistics from various clients and send them to InfluxDB
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Seedbox Statistics For Influxdb


This tool will allow you to send stats from a torrent client to InfluxDB for displaying in Grafana

Support Clients

  • Deluge
  • uTorrent
  • rTorrent


Before the first use run pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Enter your desired information in config.ini and run influxdbSeedbox.py

Optionally, you can specify the --config argument to load the config file from a different location.

Notes About Specific Clients


  • You must have the WebUI plugin installed.
  • The URL to use in the config will usually look like: http://ADDRESS:8112/json
  • Only the password is required in the config.ini


  • You must have the Web Interface enabled with a Username/Password set
  • The URL to use in the config will usually look like: http://localhost:8080/gui
  • You must have both a username and password in the config


  • Neither username or password are needed in the config
  • URL can very depending on configuration

rTorrent is tricky since you need something to forward the SCGI requests. For my testing I used nginx to forward requests on port 8000 Setting this up is beyond the scope of this tool. However, you can refer to this guide

Configuration within config.ini


Key Description
Delay Delay between runs
Output Write console output while tool is running
Hostname Hostname to use as tag in InfluxDB. Leaving black will auto-detect


Key Description
Address Delay between updating metrics
Port InfluxDB port to connect to. 8086 in most cases
Database Database to write collected stats to
Username User that has access to the database
Password Password for above user


Key Description
Client The torrent client to target. Currently Support: deluge
Password Password to use when connecting to the API
Url URL of the API to connect to.


Key Description
Enable Output logging messages to provided log file
Level Minimum type of message to log. Valid options are: critical, error, warning, info, debug
LogFile File to log messages to. Can be relative or absolute path
CensorLogs Censor certain things like server names and IP addresses from logs


Python 3+

You will need the influxdb library installed to use this - Found Here

You will need the speedtest-cli library installed to use this - Found Here

You also MUST have the Deluge WebUI plugin installed