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Tiny chrome extension just for queeg ['kwɪk'] switch between MODX Manager and Website
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MODX Queeg (Chrome extension)

Tiny Chrome and Opera extension that provides a one click access to MODX Resources from a website to its manager.

Queeg works together with this MODX Extra you can easily open a resource for edititng just by one click and also provides additional information about resource when you hover icon.



  1. Install MODX Extra Queeg through Package Management (Extras → Installer → Download Extras → Queeg)
  2. Install Chrome extension MODX Queeg.


If you want to use it like this, you have to install both Queeg Extra and Queeg Chrome extension

Symbol Description Click Hover
MODX Resource ID is 20 and document is published (green). Edit Resource 20 Info
MODX Resources ID is 81 and document is NOT published (red). Edit Resource 81 Info
MODX MODX wasn't detected. You are not logged in OR Queeg isn't installed. Go to /manager -


I welcome you to customize this according to your needs or add other language. Pull requests for any improvements would be great!




Copyright © 2015 Bartholomej

Proudly powered by nature, tea, beer and curry ;)

All contents are licensed under the MIT license.

Created at the MODX CCC 2015 — MODX Coding Convention Cologne 2015

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