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leiningen plugin for clojurescript compilation.

NOTE! as of 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT lein-clojurescript works with lein (thanks to Felix H. Dahlke)

See clojure.org for clojurescript details. See code.google.com/closure for google closure details. See github.com/technomancy/leiningen for lein details.


lein plugin install lein-clojurescript 1.1.0

Or in your project.clj add a dev-dependency

:dev-dependencies [[lein-clojurescript "1.1.0"] ...]

To compile clojurescript files in src:

lein clojurescript

To start the compile with a clean output directory and output file:

lein clojurescript fresh

To clean without compiling:

lein clojurescript clean

To watch the sources and recompile when they change:

lein clojurescript watch

To run a test command after compiling (defined by :test-cmd):

lein clojurescript test

Combine some of the above:

lein clojurescript fresh watch test

If you'd like the plugin to hook into the normal compile add to the hooks list:

:hooks [leiningen.clojurescript ...]

To compile clojurescript along with a normal compile:

lein compile

Compile with advanced mode:

lein compile '{:optimizations :advanced}'

Additional plugin-specific project.clj settings include:

{:output-to "output/file.js"
 :output-dir "output/dir"
 :externs ["externs.js"]
 :libs ["path/to/lib.js"]
 :foreign-libs [{:file "flib.js" :provides ["flib.core"]}]
 :test-cmd ["testcmd" "arg1" "arg2"]
 :wrap-output ["(function(){" "}())"]
 :src-dir "cljs/src/dir"}

:test-cmd must be in a format useable by clojure.java.shell/sh. E.g.

:test-cmd ["phantomjs" "tests.js"]

:wrap-output must be a vector of two strings, which will wrap optimized output.

:wrap-output ["(function(){" "}())"]

See http://lukevanderhart.com/2011/09/30/using-javascript-and-clojurescript.html for more information about :externs, :libs, and :foreign-libs.

Make macro files visible to the compiler by adding :extra-classpath-dirs ["path-to-src"] to the project definition.

For an example usage see samples/hello/project.clj.


  • fhd (Felix H. Dahlke)
  • rplevy (Robert Levy)
  • mmwaikar (Manoj Waikar)
  • bartonj (Justin Barton)


Copyright (C) 2011 Justin Barton Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.