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Bitcoin node status and statistics web interface based on Django
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Dependency Status

A basic Bitcoin node status and statistics web application.

Based on Django, python-bitcoinlib, D3js, and bootstrap.
Requires Python 3.3+.



  • Current node status overview
  • Charts of peer count, upload and download history

Installation (Linux)

Download and Install

Get the code and enter the project directory,

$ git clone
$ cd bitcoinnodestats

Install in a local environment (creates a Python 3 virtualenv and a sqlite database),

$ ./

Schedule status snapshots (cronjob)

Create a cronjob to record node status every n minutes,

$ crontab -e

To create a status record every hour, add the following line and replace the placeholders with your project location,

0 * * * * source /home/<user>/<projectdir>/env/bin/activate && python /home/<user>/<projectdir>/ runcrons > /home/<user>/<projectdir>/cronjob.log 2>&1

Warning: you may need to define SHELL=/bin/bash at the top of your crontab for the command to work.

Please create a new issue if you have any problems with the installation.


Run the simple Django web server (not for production) for a given IP and port,

$ ./

Visit in your browser to view your node stats.


bitcoinnodestats/ contains some local settings that you may want or need to change if you run it on a production server.

BITCOIN_CONF_FILE is the location of your bitcoin.conf, only needed if it is not in the default location.

DEBUG should be set to False on a production server.

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