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Profiler for Rails using ruby-prof

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This is a simple tool to profile single web requests in Rails using the power or ruby-prof. This gem is a based on the discontinued Browser Profiler (

  • Easy walking through complex changes

  • Low overhead in development mode

  • MIT licensed

  • Tested with Rails 2.3.2 & 2.3.10

Installation & basic usage

You can run browser-prof either as a plugin or through rubygems. For plugin:

$ ./script/plugin install

For rubygems, add the following lines to your Bundle file:

gem 'browser-prof'

Add a require 'browser-prof' to your environment.rb


Add ruby-prof to your Gemfile, run bundle install and start op your server environment. To profile, just open any url:


On the botton of your page a html ruby-prof trace will be appended. Please note that the action will take lot longer, as it will be passed through ruby-prof.

If you want to profile PDF, Json or post actions, just run the following command:


This will write the results to /log/. You can take a look at this through any browser.

$ open log/profile_out.html

Additional information

Browser-profile was originally designed and built by Aaron Batalion ( and is now maintained by Bart ten Brinke.

Do you have a rails application that is not performing as it should? If you need an expert to analyze your application, feel free to contact either Willem van Bergen ( or Bart ten Brinke (

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