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Documentation (usage + install guide) 📝

Extensive documentation for developers and content editors can be found on

Check my blogposts on for inspiration.

Downloads ⬇️

Install packages

Sitecore install packages can be found here

Container (image for container integration)

If you use containered development for Sitecore, an assets image is available on Docker.

You can reference the image with bverdonck/sitecore-forms-extensions-assets

More info can be found on my blog.


Some feature like "Value Provider Store Back" and "Value Provider Conditions" can be further customized and extended upon. For this, a nuget package is available. Please add a reference to SitecoreFormsExtensions.Core and Sitecore.ExperienceForms inside your .NET project. The package is hosted on

Note that the nuget package only contains the Sitecore Forms Extensions codebase, it does not include the Sitecore items, razor files and javascripts. You still need to install the module in a conventional way (either download and install the package, or use the container asset image).

Compatibility 🧩

  • For Sitecore 10.1 use version 4.0
  • For Sitecore 10 use version 3.2
  • For Sitecore 9.3 use version 3.2
  • For Sitecore 9.1.x till 9.2.x use version 2.3.1
  • For Sitecore 9.0.x use version 1.8.3

Older Sitecore versions are not supported.

Contributing 💗

Want to contribute to SFE? Great! This section will explain how to setup the project for modifications. Contributions are added via pull requests.

Initial setup 💻

  1. If your local IIS is listening on port 443, you'll need to stop it for now.

    iisreset /stop
  2. Before you can run the solution, you will need to prepare the following for the Sitecore container environment:

    • A valid/trusted wildcard certificate for *.sfe.localhost
    • Hosts file entries for
      • cm.sfe.localhost
      • id.sfe.localhost
    • Add your license.xml to the /docker/data/licence folder
    • Put your base64 license in the .env file. (For xp roles)

    The provided init.ps1 will take care of these requirements, but you should review its contents before running.

    You must use an elevated/Administrator Windows PowerShell 5.1 prompt for this command, PowerShell 7 is not supported at this time.

    .\init.ps1 -InitEnv -LicenseXmlPath "C:\path\to\license.xml" 
  3. Spin up the environmont

    docker-compose up -d
  4. Deserialize content

    dotnet tool restore
    dotnet sitecore login
    dotnet sitecore ser push
    dotnet sitecore publish

Testing new functionality 🧪

When adding new functionality to the codebase, please add a test-form in the sitecore content tree (/sitecore/Forms). Also, add a page of the template /sitecore/templates/Project/FormsExtensionsTester/Pages/ContentPage in the test-website, referencing the form containing the test of the functionality.

Changelog 📜

4.0.2 (for Sitecore 10.1)

  • Fix: Issue 115, serialization annotation added on list component viewmodels

4.0.1 (for Sitecore 10.1)

  • Fix: Issue 114, checkboxlist field contained wrong class

3.2.1 (for Sitecore 9.3 and Sitecore 10)

  • Fix: Issue 114, checkboxlist field contained wrong class

4.0 (for Sitecore 10.1)

  • Updated compatibility with SC10.1

3.2 (for Sitecore 9.3 and Sitecore 10)

  • Improvements: SubscribeToListActions improvements for CD server (Credits to @ReoKzK )
  • Fix: Store back checkbox on certain field types was missing.
  • Fix: Null check in StringValueFromStringListInputViewModelReader
  • Fix: Combining multiple date validators caused error
  • Fix: Model types on list components was incorrect

3.1 (for Sitecore 9.3 and Sitecore 10)

  • Subscribe to list: New submit action, to add the current contact to a selectable list. Possible to limit action on a checkbox in the form that needs to be checked.
  • Send Email:
    • When binding the email source to a list component with a dynamic list of Sitecore items, it is now possible to use a different field from that item that stores the email-address. Thus, the list of possible email addresses are no longer send to the enduser and can remain private/internal.
    • Added fallback support for sending emails on cm environment when the exm client service api is unavailable.
  • Value Providers List Compatibility: Made list components compatible with the value providers offered by SFE.
  • Query String Value Provider: New value provider to prefill form fields with data from the querystring.
  • Recaptcha: Fix for cases where the captcha is not on page 1 of the form.
  • Next/Preview Buttons: Added fix to value providers in case of using submit buttons with the "next/previous" navigation set. A manual initialization of the Tracker.Current is now handled by the library.
  • Test cases and content included in the project
  • Transformed project to run on Docker containers
  • Switched from Unicorn to Sitecore Serialization

3.0 (for Sitecore 9.3 and Sitecore 10)

  • FileUpload Component: Component removed in favour of build-in component
  • AzureBlobStorageFileUploadStorageProvider: Store the file uploads in Azure Blob Storage instead of SQL. (Disabled by default)
  • RobotDetection: NEW component to give the user feedback when his session was marked as a robot.
  • Send Email:
    • Now uses user-defined tokens like the build-in sendmail from Sitecore.
    • File uploads of new component can be added as attachment
    • Possibility to generate a catch-all token "AllFormFields" containing all fields and values. (Token name can be changed in settings.)
    • Reviewed token generation and conversion to a string value. Conversion now relies on pipelines to increase flexibility and extensibility.
  • Recaptcha: Fix for issue #66
  • Compatibility updates for 9.3
  • Revised package and namespace structure
  • Cleaned up obsolete code


  • Fix for Safari issue with jquery.unobstrusive-ajax.js #50
  • Config setting fix #46


  • Bugfix: Google ReCaptcha cshtml threw error

2.2 (for Sitecore 9.1.x - 9.2.x)

  • Hidden Field: Support for conditions, custom value (credits to @rolek)
  • *Recaptcha: Multiple recaptcha's on one page
  • FileSystemFileUploadStorageProvider: Support for datafolder variable
  • Send Email: fix for value from dropdownlist/checkboxlist
  • Tested with Sitecore 9.1.1
  • Fixed build framework to 4.7.1
  • Fixed package install options (also for 1.8.1)


  • Bugfix: Google Captcha did not work in the editor (Bug #40)

2.1 (for Sitecore 9.1)

  • Value Provider Preconditions: Ability to define preconditions with the rules editor. Only when the defined preconditions are met, the forms will be prefilled.
  • Google Recaptcha: Fixed bug #23 where users could bypass recaptcha by excluding it entirely from the post action.
  • Hidden Field: Fixed inheritance for Sitecore 9.1 (Bug #26)

1.8 (for Sitecore 9.0.x)

  • Value Provider Preconditions: Ability to define preconditions with the rules editor. Only when the defined preconditions are met, the forms will be prefilled.
  • Google Recaptcha: Fixed bug #23 where users could bypass recaptcha by excluding it entirely from the post action.


  • Sitecore 9.1 Compatibility: A new package for Sitecore 9.1 was created. In this package the prefill/binding feature has been update to leverage the new build in prefilling features from Sitecore. The existing xDB binders are now available as value providers. The module still adds the possibility to store the values as well. (For sitecore 9.0.x keep using version 1.7)


  • Make Contact Known: When updating the current contact with a fieldbinded value, the contact is know marked as known. This behaviour can be disabled in sitecore config.
  • Send Email to fieldvalue: The "update current contact" action has been updated, not to identify the user anymore on email. It only sets the preferred email address on the current contact and uses the current contact to send the mail instead of a separate service contact.


  • Attachments: The send email submit action has been extended to allow file uploads to be added to the email as a file attachment.
  • Folder: The file upload control's storageproviders have been updated to support (dynamic) subfolders. Example: formuploads/{formName}/{fieldName}/{language}
  • The download package is now also available as scwp for Azure PaaS ARM.


  • Bugfix: when upgrading from an older version, send email action might throw a nullpointer, this is now fixed


  • Bugfix Issue 19: javascript errors in IE11 + edge, update script to be compliant


  • Bugfix: hidden values not submitted (incl. dropdowns)


  • Bugfix: Issue 20: nullpointer on tracker.current when using store binding on multiform


  • ShowFormPage, custom submit action: With this submit action you set the page in your form that needs to be displayed after a succesfull submit. This is usefull when you don't want to redirect to a seperate thank you page but replace the form with a thank you message after submit. More info can be found here
  • RawHTML, custom field: The content entered in the Raw HTML field is rendered on the page as pure html without escaping. This can be usefull to add small inline javascript snippets or other custom html. In combination with the ShowFormPage, this can be used to trigger a datalayer event to track that the form was submitted.
  • HiddenField, custom field: Use this field to add an input type hidden on the form. This can be usefull when you want to send additional info to your analytics datalayer. This field also supports the databinding functionality and is thus able to send some xDB profile information to the client.
  • Date Timespan Validator, custom validator: With this validator you can compare the entered date with the current datetime. The package contains implementations to check wether a date is in the present or the past. It also contains a validator to check someones age entered through the datepicker. More info can be found here
  • Bugfix on the Identify Contact Submit Action
  • Bugfix on fileupload control in combination with checkbox list: validation is now working correctly.


  • Bugfix: there was an error in the provided download package containing a wrong config file. This caused errors when trying to send mail through EXM.


  • Binding Fields aka Prefill, Added functionality to the forms module to prefill the fields with data from another source. Build-in the library supports prefilling from the xDB profile of the current user filling in the form. But it can be easily extended to add your own binding to external databases, crm's, userprofile, etc... Not only can you prefill the fields, but the module also allows to store the values back into the binded field. (e.g. You can prefill a first name field with the first name from the xDb profile. You can choose to save the value filled in onto the xDB profile after submittion.) More info can be found here Find out how you can add your own databinder
  • Identify Contact, Custom Submit Action. Allows to choose a field from the form, who's entered value will be used as the identifiervalue of the xdb profile. (In other words, it will make the visitor a known contact.)


  • Bugfix for sql session state provider in combo with multipage form
  • Only save file once in multipage forms


  • Bugfix for multipage forms


  • Added FieldBindingMapApiController to allowedControllers in sitecore config.


  • The libraries integration with xDB had a refactoring. The update contact custom save action was removed. The forms extensions only focusses on the email address.
  • Introduction of the IXDbContactFactory. You can provide your own implementation here to use your own IdentifierSource and IdentifierValue to fetch contacts from xDB. The module comes with a default implementation that uses "email" as identifiersource and uses the email as its identiefiervalue.
<register serviceType="Feature.FormsExtensions.XDb.IXDbContactFactory, Feature.FormsExtensions" implementationType="Feature.FormsExtensions.XDb.FormsExtensionsXDbContactFactory, Feature.FormsExtensions" lifetime="Singleton" /> 


  • Send Email, Custom Submit Action: Replacement for Send Email to Fixed Address. This new action support sending mails to a fixed backoffice email address, the email of the current identified contact or to a value of the form. The values from the form are passed to EXM as custom tokens and can be used in the email.


  • Google ReCaptcha v2, Custom Form Element: Add this field on your form to secure your form by adding a Google Recaptcha v2 control into your form.
  • File Upload, Custom Form Element: Adds a file upload control to your toolbox. You can add a custom class to store the file anywhere you want. Out of the box this controls comes with a storage provider for local disk and for Azure Blog Storage Accounts.


  • Send Email to Fixed Address, Custom Submit Action: With this submit action you can send a mail to an email address defined on the submit action. (So not to the contact filling in the form as the build-in mailing action does) The values from the form are passed to EXM as custom tokens and can be used in the email.
  • Update Contact, Custom Submit Action: This is an implementation of the custom submit action walkthrough in the Sitecore documentation. It allows you to update the contacts firstname, lastname and email based on the content of the form.