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@djmb djmb released this 03 Jun 07:39
· 22 commits to main since this release

What's Changed

There are two important changes to note in this release:

  1. The healthcheck step has been removed. Instead we deploy to all servers. However we hold starting containers on non primary roles until at least one container has started successfully on a primary role.
  2. By default, we will build the app from a local git clone of the repo instead of a git archive. Like with a git archive this ensures a clean reproducible build, but it also respects the .dockerignore (which git archive builds do not). If you want to build directly from the check out, you can set the build context to ".".
  • Host specific env with tags by @djmb in #789
  • Add --target option to Builder to support multi-stage Docker builds by @hundredwatt in #786
  • Trim long hostnames by @kryachkov in #762
  • Envify during setup by @dhh in #802
  • Move env_tags under env key by @djmb in #805
  • Set sshkit minimum version to 1.22.2 by @djmb in #812
  • Don't blow up if there are no env tags by @djmb in #813
  • Build from within a git clone by default by @djmb in #798
  • Add in a server exec command for running ad-hoc commands directly on the server by @nickhammond in #646
  • Allow custom user and port for builder host by @mlitwiniuk in #620
  • Envify already env pushes by @djmb in #815
  • Remove the healthcheck step by @djmb in #740
  • Lock less by @djmb in #755
  • Handle corrupt git clones by @djmb in #821

New Contributors

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