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Basecoin - a fork of Diamond, with several algorithms fixed and improved. It is decendent of Novacoin/PPCoin with Pow/PoS. It combines the great features Florincoin (transaction message).

Proof of stake coin is more resilient to 51% attack. Since 51% hashpower is not enough to execute a 51% attack. The attackers must also have at least 51% stake.

Basecoin provides annual interest rate of 0.01%, for stakes that are not moved.

- Each normal block has 1 Basecoin
- 1 minute block time
- Difficulty retargets every block 
- mining payout will be stable all over the lifecycle of Basecoin
- Expected total mined coins will be 6000000 Basecoins
- 4 confirmations for transaction
- 50 confirmations for minted blocks
- Support transaction message
- Diff start at 0.01

- The default ports are 21206(Connect) and 21207(RPC).

The official website is under construction. Basecoin website from Chinese:

Verion 1.1.1 update:

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