Maven plugin to find duplicate classes or resources
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duplicate-finder Maven plugin

A maven plugin to find and flag duplicate classes and resources on the java classpath.

This ensures stability and reproducability of a maven build and will flag possible problems or conflicts with dependencies in a project.


This plugin is a friendly fork (same main authors) of the Ning maven-duplicate-finder plugin. It is configuration compatible to the ning plugin; the only change required is the group and artifact id of the plugin itself.


The plugins requires Apache Maven 3.x.x.

Starting with release 1.2.0, Java 7 or better is required.

Starting with release 1.3.0, Java 8 or better is required.


The plugin has two goals:

  • duplicate-finder:check - the main goal of the plugin. Runs duplicate check on the maven classpaths.
  • duplicate-finder:help - displays standard maven plugin help information.


Up-to-date documentation is available from the duplicate finder plugin Wiki. A snapshot from the last release of the plugin is available in the docs folder in this repository.

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