A friendly little bot for the #riak IRC channel
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BashoBot: An IRC bot for the #riak IRC Channel


Requires Ruby 1.9.2 and Bundler.

git clone git://github.com/basho/bashobot.git
cd bashobot
bundle install



Describes available commands.

!bug <id>

Finds a bug ID on the Basho bugzilla (issues.basho.com). Also decodes inline bz://### urls. (e.g. bz://556)

!bugsearch <terms>

Do a quick-search on the Basho bugzilla.

!wiki <terms>

Finds wiki pages with <terms> in the title on wiki.basho.com.

!kb <terms>

Finds knowledge base questions with <terms>.

!vimeo <terms>

Finds Basho videos on Vimeo with <terms>. Aliases: !video, !webinar.