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Riak .NET Client

Riak .NET Client is a .NET library which facilitates communication with Riak, an open source, distributed database that focuses on high availability, horizontal scalability, and predictable latency. Both Riak and this code is maintained by Basho.

  1. Installation
  2. Documentation
  3. Contributing
  4. Roadmap
  5. License and Authors

Build Status

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  • Develop: Build Status


The easiest way to get hold of it is to install the Nuget package.

For more details on installation, including building from source, see the installation section of the wiki.


Documentation for the project can be found on the project wiki. Please also see the Release Notes for the latest updates.


This repo's maintainers are engineers at Basho and we welcome your contribution to the project! Review the details in in order to give back to this project.

An honest disclaimer

Due to our obsession with stability and our rich ecosystem of users, community updates on this repo may take a little longer to review.

The most helpful way to contribute is by reporting your experience through issues. Issues may not be updated while we review internally, but they're still incredibly appreciated.

Thank you for being part of the community! We love you for it.

Riak .NET Client Roadmap

Cluster and node info

Github Issue 10 This would be looking for ways to get the results of riak_admin status and other commands through the Riak Client API

SOLR Interface

Github Issue 20 Create an HTTP interface for Faceted queries vi the Solr Interface

Improved Riak Search API

Github Issue 23 Additional development should be undertaken to make it easier for developers to use this.

License and Authors

Riak .NET Client is Open Source software released under the Apache 2.0 License. Please see the LICENSE file for full license details.

Special Thanks

The following people have contributed to Riak .NET Client, it's predecessor CorrugatedIron, or one of the related libraries or applications that make it work:

  • Jeremiah Peschka
  • OJ Reeves
  • Matthew Whitfield
  • Kevin Pullin
  • Tiago Margalho
  • Marc Gravell (protobuf-net)
  • James Newton-King (Json.NET)
  • Alex Moore
  • Luke Bakken
  • Myles McDonnell
  • Rob Somerville