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A .NET client for Basho's Riak database
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Riak .NET Client - a .NET client for Riak

Riak .NET Client is a .NET library which makes it easy to communicate with Riak, Basho's fault-tolerante, distributed KV store.

The easiest way to get hold of it is to install the Nuget package.


Note: Please use the --recursive git option or run git submodule update --init after cloning as a couple submodules are used. Thanks!

Building From Source


Note: git must be in your PATH when doing a Release-configuration build.

Open RiakClient.sln and build. This will generate the required src/CommonAssemblyInfo.cs file.

Command Line

Note: git must be in your PATH when doing a Release-configuration build.

  • Windows
    • Execute make.cmd either via double-click in the file explorer, or by opening a shell in your cloned repository and running .\make.cmd. This will use powershell.exe to run make.ps1 and create a Debug build. Running make.ps1 has much more flexibility. Use the Get-Help .\make.ps1 -Full command in Powershell for more information.
  • Mono
    • Execute make (GNU Make required)

Travis-CI Build Status

  • Master: Build Status
  • Develop: Build Status



Documentation for the project can be found on the project wiki

Release Notes

Please see the Release Notes document.


Riak .NET Client is Open Source software released under the Apache 2.0 License. Please see the LICENSE file for full license details.

Riak .NET Client Roadmap

Cluster and node info

Github Issue 10 This would be looking for ways to get the results of riak_admin status and other commands through the Riak Client API

SOLR Interface

Github Issue 20 Create an HTTP interface for Faceted queries vi the Solr Interface

Improved Riak Search API

Github Issue 23 Additional development should be undertaken to make it easier for developers to use this.


The following people have contributed to Riak .NET Client, it's predecessor CorrugatedIron, or one of the related libraries or applications that make it work:

  • Jeremiah Peschka
  • OJ Reeves
  • Matthew Whitfield
  • Kevin Pullin
  • Tiago Margalho
  • Marc Gravell (protobuf-net)
  • James Newton-King (Json.NET)
  • Alex Moore
  • Luke Bakken
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