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Riak's Java client

branch: develop

Riak Java client v2.0 development branch

This branch of the Riak Java Client is the development branch for the new v2.0 client, to be used with the upcoming Riak 2.0 (also currently in pre-release).

The current release branches are:

riak-client-2.0-technical-preview - Core preview for Riak 2.0

riak-client-1.4.4 - For use with Riak 1.4+

riak-client-1.1.4 - For use with < Riak 1.4.0


The user API that will sit on top of the core is under development. We will be releasing a Release candidate for the RJC v2.0 as soon as it is ready for people to try out and provide feedback on.

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