Riak DC Replication
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Riak MDC Replication

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  • manual verification of code
  • eunit (w/ gist of output)
  • EQC (w/ gist of output)
  • riak_test (w/ gist of output)
  • Dialyzer
  • XRef
  • Coverage reports


  • internal docs (design docs)
  • external docs (docs.basho.com)
  • man pages

New Feature Deliverables

  • design documentation + diagrams
    • nothing formal
    • to help out during support, "this is how xyz works"
  • eunit tests
  • riak_tests
  • EQC + Pulse tests
  • tests at scale and under heavy load
    • Boston Cluster or AWS
  • notes for public documentation
    • for the docs team

BEAM release process

  1. git tag the specific commit(s) that will be released
  2. run all eunit tests, EQC tests, store the output in a gist.
  3. if possible, run all riak_tests for replication
  4. record specific commit(s) that the beam targets in a README.txt file
  5. create a tar file.
  • Note that OSX will include a hidden directory in the tar file. Find the knob to prevent those files from being added to the .tar file, or build/test the beams on Linux. (you can use 'find' to pipe the exact files you want into the tar, see: https://github.com/basho/node_package/blob/develop/priv/templates/fbsd/Makefile#L27 for an example of using -rf with a pipe)
  • include the README.txt file from the step above
  1. once .tar is built, calc an MD5 to pass along with the file
  2. create an entry on https://github.com/basho/internal_wiki/wiki/Releases page
    • include:
      • link to the gist output
      • version of Erlang the beams were built with
      • MD5 of the file
      • link to compiled beams
  3. notify client services + TAMs
  4. port the PR to the develop branch if applicable