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A node.js sample app that stores syslog messages in Riak Search
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This is a sample application that stores syslog messages in Riak Search, using riak-js.

Originally created by Mathias Meyer and Sean Cribbs for the “Riak with node.js” Basho webinar, March 15, 2011.

Install & Run

  1. npm bundle (installs dependencies)
  2. Copy config/riak.js.example to config/riak.js and tweak to fit your setup. Make sure to have Riak Search installed and running already.
  3. search-cmd set-schema syslog config/syslog_schema.erl
  4. search-cmd install syslog
  5. Startup the app: node server.js
  6. Feed some data into the syslog server: node lib/syslog/producer.js
  7. Search it from the web application: http://localhost:8001/
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