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Remove logging of ops sent to Solr when indexing fails.
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NOTICE: Yokozuna is in alpha stage. It is under active development. Breaking changes could occur at any moment. In a future release it will replace Riak Search.

Yokozuna - Horizontal rope. The top rank in sumo, usually translated Grand Champion. The name comes from the rope a yokozuna wears.

The goal of the Yokozuna application is to integrate Apache Solr with Riak in order to find the "top rank" documents for a given query.

Getting Started


See the INSTALL doc for installing Riak-Yokozuna and forming a development cluster.

Creating an Index

An index must be created for bucket data to be indexed under. Many buckets may use the same index. To create an index via the HTTP interface the following.

curl -XPUT -i 'http://localhost:10018/search/index/my_index'

Create Bucket Type, and Associate Index

N.B. This is a breaking change in the 0.12.0 version. Previously bucket types didn't have to be created.

A bucket type must be created to hold the bucket and an index must be associated with the bucket via the search_index property.

riak-admin bucket-type create data '{"props":{}}'
riak-admin bucket-type activate data

curl -i -H 'content-type: application/json' -X PUT 'http://localhost:10018/types/data/buckets/my_bucket/props' -d '{"props":{"search_index":"my_index"}}'

Index Some Data

Indexing data is a matter of writing data to KV. Currently Yokozuna knows hows to index plain text, XML, and JSON.

curl -i -H 'content-type: text/plain' -X PUT 'http://localhost:10018/types/data/buckets/my_bucket/keys/name' -d "Ryan Zezeski"


The syntax for querying Yokozuna is the same as querying a single instance of Solr. Yokozuna actually uses Solr's distributed search API but that is hidden for you. This means you don't have to worry about where your shards are located.

curl 'http://localhost:10018/search/my_index?q=text:Ryan'

The canonical Solr URL is also supported allowing the use of an existing Solr client to query Yokozuna.

curl 'http://localhost:10018/solr/my_index/select?q=text:Ryan'
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