Colour schemes for Michael Dvorkin's awesome_print
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Awesome Print Colours


Awesome Print Colors is a library for Michael Dvorkin's Awesome Print ( which adds support for theming. Other developers are strongly encouraged to fork and add themes, pull requests shall be accepted quickly!

Note, Awesome Print Colors only works with version of Awesome Print greater than 0.4.0, currently waiting on a pull request to be merged.


# Installing as a Ruby Gem (awesome_print will be installed with it)
$ gem install awesome_print_colors

# Cloning from GitHub (p.s. fork it!)
$ git clone git://


Simply pass Kernel#ap or Kernel#ai the :theme option to select a theme. Themes can be viewed here,

Since awesome print has both default colours and a :color option, there is a precedence.

# Default <- Theming <- Options

require 'ap'
require 'apc'
ap "Test", :theme => :test
ap "Test", :theme => :test, :color => { :float => :red }

An array can be passed to :theme and these themes will be applied in order.

Available Themes

# :test
# :default (default awesome_print theme included here)
# :solarized (based off Ethan Schoonover's Solarized,
# :sim

Solarized Theme