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Set of extra commands for the kippo SSH honeypot daemon (

Provided commands

  • /usr/bin/env - current environment variables
  • /usr/bin/gcc - fake compiler with file output
  • /sbin/iptables - fake firewall management, supports flush and list for different tables/chains
  • /bin/which - path of binary
  • /bin/netstat - work in progress
  • /bin/sleep - sleep command
  • /bin/uname - kernel and OS identification

The commands are based on the x64 build of Debian 5.


Please read the full installation part.

Python 2.7 or later is required (Python 3.x isn't). Install kippo-extra via one of the methods below.

  • pip install kippo-extra
  • pip install git+git://

To check if everything works, you can run python -c 'import kippo_extra' which should not produce any errors.

Kippo doesn't come with a plugin system. Therefore, the kippo source should be modified. Open the file KIPPO_ROOT/kippo/ By default, it is an empty file. Insert the line from kippo_extra import loader and save the file.

Note 1

The commands require you have a fake filesystem ready with fake links to the commands. Therefore, make sure the /path/to/command is in your fake filesystem. If a command does not work in a session, try to touch /path/to/command and then try again. If it works now, then you do not have the fake links in your fake filesystem.

Note 2

A small portion of the kippo source code is modified at runtime by intercepting imports (See PEP302). However, these patches are dependend on the version of kippo. At this moment, the patches are based on revision 4999618. In case a new version is available and kippo fails to start, you can try to manually apply the patches to the kippo source (see the directory kippo_extra/patches). Insert PATCH_SOURCE = False in KIPPO_ROOT/kippo/ to disable runtime patching.

Known issues

Probably a lot. Of course, not all commands are complete and are functional. I have implemented the basic options to make an honeypot session more realistic.

Feel free to fork or submit issues!


See the LICENSE file (MIT license).

This work uses of some code of Merge-in-Memory by Daniel Moniz.


Set of extra commands for kippo, the SSH honeypot daemon




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