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JavaScript framework to build single-page applications
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Версия на русском (более полная и подробная)

What is it?

basis.js – is open-source JavaScript framework to build big single-page applications (SPA). It developing with focus on dynamics (everything could change), flexibility, performance and ability to manage a lot data (models, collections etc).

You could compare performance of basis.js with others by some synthetic tests: animation through bindings (alternative version), model generation and simple list with a lot items generation.

Not just a framework

basis.js has some tools for development, that helps build awesome applications:

  • basisjs-tools - CLI to manage basis.js project: create instances, build for production and special web server that notify client when resources are updated. Please, visit project page for more information.
  • Google Chrome plugin (repo) - helps to manage templates and localization with live updates and change saving to files, it also provide project file structure graph and other information.

Where can I get more information

Unfortunatelly, most information in Russian now, but we are working on it.

You could find some infomation here:

  • – project site
  • Tutorial – step by step instruction to how use basis.js (in progress)
  • Articles – documentation about various part of framework (in progress);
  • Tour – interactive slides with description and code, that you could tweak;
  • Docs – auto-documentation, that generates on fly by module structure and their source code;
  • Demo – demo set that shows some of abilities of framework;
  • Slide – slides for basis.js related talks.

Media channels:

If you have a question

Use Google groups or Google+ for ask your questions. You also could use GitHub Issues as an option.

If those channels are not suitable for you, please feel free contact us at

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