Simple X hotkey daemon
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sxhkd is an X daemon that reacts to input events by executing commands.

Its configuration file is a series of bindings that define the associations between the input events and the commands.

The format of the configuration file supports a simple notation for mapping multiple shortcuts to multiple commands in parallel.

Example Bindings

	mpc -q {prev,next}

	scrot -s -e 'image_viewer $f'

super + shift + equal
	sxiv -rt "$HOME/image"

	xdotool selectwindow | xsel -bi

super + {h,j,k,l}
	bspc node -f {west,south,north,east}

super + alt + {0-9}
	mpc -q seek {0-9}0%

super + {alt,ctrl,alt + ctrl} + XF86Eject
	sudo systemctl {suspend,reboot,poweroff}

super + {_,shift + }{h,j,k,l}
	bspc node -{f,s} {west,south,north,east}

{_,shift + ,super + }XF86MonBrightness{Down,Up}
	bright {-1,-10,min,+1,+10,max}

super + o ; {e,w,m}

super + alt + control + {h,j,k,l} ; {0-9}
	bspc node @{west,south,north,east} -r 0.{0-9}

super + alt + p
	bspc config focus_follows_pointer {true,false}

Editor Plugins


For further information, check the man pages.