Example/seed project for AngularJS with Browserify
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AngularJS + Browserify Project Template

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This is a small example/seed project for using AngularJS with Browserify. It demonstrates how to structure code by using CommonJS modules together with AngularJS' dependency injection mechanism.

An accompanying blog post can be found at https://blog.codecentric.de/en/2014/08/angularjs-browserify/.


This project comes with a gulpfile that includes:

  • running ESlint to lint JavaScript sources,
  • running unit tests via Mocha,
  • processing sources with Browserify (to create a non-minfied Browserify bundle),
  • ngAnnotate & uglify (to create an ngAnnotate-processed and minified Browserify bundle),
  • end-to-end tests with Protractor,
  • a static asset server (gulp-connect) and
  • live reload support.

Useful gulp tasks


  • gulp fast:
    • linting
    • unit tests
    • browserification
    • no minification, does not start server
  • gulp watch
    • starts server with live reload enabled
    • lints, unit tests, browserifies and live-reloads changes in browser
    • no minification
  • gulp:
    • linting
    • unit tests
    • browserification
    • minification and browserification of minified sources
    • start server for e2e tests
    • run Protractor End-to-end tests
    • stop server immediately when e2e tests have finished

At development time, you should usually just have gulp watch running in the background all the time. Access the app via http://localhost:8080/. Whenever you change a source file and save it, the browserify bundle is recreated and your browser automatically reloads the changes. Use gulp (without a specific task) before releases.