Python library for ZFM-20 fingerprint sensor
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Python library for ZFM fingerprint sensors

The PyFingerprint library allows to use ZhianTec ZFM-20, ZFM-60, ZFM-70 and ZFM-100 fingerprint sensors on the Raspberry Pi or other Linux machines. Some other models like R302, R303, R305, R306, R307 and R551 also work.

Note: The library is inspired by the C++ library from Adafruit Industries:

Package building on Debian

First install the packages for building:

~$ sudo apt-get install git devscripts

Than clone this repository:

~$ git clone

Build the package:

~$ cd ./pyfingerprint/src/
~$ dpkg-buildpackage -uc -us


The library supports Python 2 and Python 3. There are one Debian package for each. It's up to you which version you install.

For Python 3 use:

~$ sudo dpkg -i ../python3-fingerprint*.deb

For Python 2 use:

~$ sudo dpkg -i ../python-fingerprint*.deb

Install missing dependencies:

~$ sudo apt-get -f install

Allow non-root user "pi" (replace it correctly) to use the serial port devices:

~$ sudo usermod -a -G dialout pi
~$ sudo reboot

How to use the library

Enroll a new finger

~$ python /usr/share/doc/python-fingerprint/examples/

Search an enrolled finger

~$ python /usr/share/doc/python-fingerprint/examples/

Delete an enrolled finger

~$ python /usr/share/doc/python-fingerprint/examples/

Download image of a scanned finger

~$ python /usr/share/doc/python-fingerprint/examples/

Generate a 32-bit random number on the ZFM hardware PRNG

~$ python /usr/share/doc/python-fingerprint/examples/

Further information

See my blog post for more information: