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basysKom Toolbox


  • Improve the quality of the software we create through technical/organisational measures
  • Good defaults for our projects
  • Conscious decisions to make use of certain techniques at the start of the project (when there is still time)
  • Knowledge transfer within the basysKom team and with our customers
  • Provide a tools teams, developers and project managers can pick from


  • The goal is NOT to construct a heavy-weight process to be applied to all projects in a one-size-fits-all manner.

What is a tool?

In this context, a tool is a small recipe for achieving a particular goal. It gives hints on how to implement a tool and on the potential effort to do so. In which situation can a tool be usefully applied? It outlines caveats and limitations. The idea is loosely inspired by the classic book "Design Patterns".

A tool is not set in stone. We expect feedback from users of a tool about it's usefulness, effort, caveats and limitations. Please post issues about a specific tool directly on github.

An important piece of information for a given tool is the applicability. A particular tool might be very easy to implement in a greenfield project, but not in a legacy code base. Another tool might make perfect sense for developing a large application, but not for a three-week prototype.

Usage on Github

You can create tags in the readme of your projects to list tools or principles you used during develepment like this:

Story Peer Review

List of Tags

Title Badge
Tool: Avoid Deprecated Qt Avoid Deprecated Qt
Tool: CD Makes Your Work Visible CD Makes Your Work Visible
Tool: CI Keeps Your Project Healthy CI Keeps Your Project Healthy
Tool: Do Regular Tests on the Target Do Regular Tests on the Target
Tool: QML Build Time Checks QML Build Time Checks
Tool: Enable Security Hardening Flags Enable Security Hardening Flags
Tool: Make Good Use of Compiler Warnings Make Good Use of Compiler Warnings
Tool: QML Best Practices QML Best Practices
Proper Automated Builds Proper Automated Builds
Tool: Use the AddressSanitizer Use the AddressSanitizer
Tool: Compiler Warnings as Error Compiler Warnings as Error
Tool: Unit Tests Unit Tests
Tool: Clazy Clazy
Tool: Benefit From Peer Reviews Benefit From Peer Reviews
Tool: Use Valgrind or MemorySanitizer Use Valgrind or MemorySanitizer
Agile Essential: Definition of Ready Definition of Ready
Agile Essential: Interdisciplinary Teams Interdisciplinary Teams
Agile Essential: Implement a Retrospective Implement a Retrospective
Agile Essential: Daily Call Daily Call
Agile Essential: Story Story
Agile Essential: DoD DoD
Agile Essential: Scrum Scrum
Agile Essential: Storypoints Storypoints
Agile Essential: Backlogs Backlogs
Agile Essential: Sprint Sprint


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