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Notes on .rstheme installation*

To install custom themes in RStudio, you must have the daily build installed.

With the daily build, you can import the tmTheme file by going to Preferences >> Appearance >> Add (see gif, below — night-owl not actually shown).

Importing custom themes in RStudio

However, I've added several improvements specific to the Ace and rstheme formats. In order to modify the imported rstheme file, you'll need to go to: /Users/<you>/.R/rstudio/themes.†

There, you'll find the imported theme as night-owlish.rstheme. You can either copy and paste the contents, or the night-owlish.rstheme file itself (the one in this repo) to enable the super-special-just-for-RStudio-beautified version. 💅

night owlish in rstudio

Last updated: 2018-08-14

* Unofficial guide, YMMV.

† I only know how to do this on a Mac. Sorry! 😬