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A small python library with tools to work with raw bson data exported from mongodb


This code is derived from the mongo-hadoop connector


I needed a way to read BSON dumped from mongodb into python for customized map reduce scripts.

I did not want the overhead of hadoop and wanted to add a fast string prematcher to expedite map reduce

Because the source is a NoSQL database, not all documents contain the same types of data.
As bson stores raw text, a fast string matcher quickly bypasses unwanted documents.

This can be combined with bsonsearch to perform mongo-like queries against raw BSON data stored on disk.


The python-bson-streaming library can be installed via the distutils script included at the root directory:

python install


this example shows an example start to a map/reduce style script.

The fast_string_prematch would not bother converting records that do not have "github" somewhere in the document as plaintext.

 from bsonstream import KeyValueBSONInput
 from sys import argv
 import gzip
 for file in argv[1:]:
     if "gz" not in file:
         f = open(file, 'rb')
     stream = KeyValueBSONInput(fh=f,  fast_string_prematch="github")
     for dict_data in stream:
         ...process dict_data...


Unfortunately, I cannot make available the test bson file.

used an 8GB bson file with ~2,500,000 documents of varying sizes gzipped bson file compressed to 2.1GB

Without fast string matcher

 [bauman@localhost ~]$ time ./ bson/example.bson.1.gz
  real    6m55.758s
  user    6m53.541s
  sys     0m1.952s

With fast string matcher. In this case, documents matching the fast string patern were present in 10% of documents, resuling in time savings not deserializing 90% of documents.

 [bauman@localhost ~]$ time ./ bson/example.bson.1.gz  
 real    1m16.387s
 user    1m37.455s
 sys     0m17.427s


Required libraries

  • [python-bson]