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A shopping cart application for demonstration of clean architecture on TypeScript
TypeScript Dockerfile
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A DDD shopping cart application focused on separation of concerns and scalability.

Project architecture

└── src
    ├── api # Layer that exposes application to external world (primary adapters)
    │   └── http # Exposes application over HTTP protocol
    ├── app # Layer that composes application use cases
    ├── domain # Business domain classes and everything that composes domain model
    ├── infra # Communication with what is external of application
    └── libs # Common functionalities


Main concepts for this architecture are around codebase scalability. Main goal here is provide a clean architecture while flexible for implementing and growing functionalities into the codebase.

Everything is highly testable, given low coupling with clear dependency graphs provided by Inversion of Control.


Create an item

POST http://localhost:3000/item

	"sku": "AS-1234",
	"displayName": "My first item",
	"price": 100

List items

GET http://localhost:3000/item

Add item to shopping cart

  • If shopping cart doesn't exist, it is going to be created.
  • If itemId already exists, quantity for existing item in the cart will be increased.

POST http://localhost:3000/cart/1/item

	"itemId": "ck0r5ypdz0000ppo73m4o8hfa",
	"quantity": 1

Delete item from cart

DELETE http://localhost:3000/cart/1/item/ck0r46c9w0000y9o70hvh605j

Empty all items for a cart

POST http://localhost:3000/cart/1/clean

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