@bazel-io bazel-io released this Jun 26, 2018 · 2095 commits to master since this release

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Release 0.15.0 (2018-06-26)

Baseline: b93ae42

Cherry picks:

  • 4b80f24:
    Add option to enable Docker sandboxing.
  • 6b16352:
    Allow disabling the simple blob caches via CLI flag overrides.
  • 4ec0a75:
    Use BUILD.bazel instead of BUILD for external projects

Incompatible changes:

  • Bazel now always runs binaries in with "bazel run" in
    interactive mode. The "--nodirect_run" command line option is now
    a no-op.
  • "bazel run --noas_test" is not supported anymore.
  • Indentation on the first line of a file was previously ignored.
    This is now fixed.

New features:

Important changes:

  • Bazel now allows almost all 7-bit ASCII characters in labels.
  • Remove vestigial java_plugin.data attribute
  • Bazel supports including select Java 8 APIs into Android apps
    targeting pre-Nougat Android devices with
  • Flag --incompatible_disable_glob_tracking is removed.
  • SkyQuery's rbuildfiles now returns targets corresponding to
    broken packages.
  • Introduce build support for providing cache prefetch hints.
  • Update the skylark DefaultInfo documentation to spell out
    runfiles, data_runfiles and default_runfiles
  • An internal action for symlinking runfiles will use Command
    instead of a Spawns. This should have no functional chages; the
    only user visible consequence should be that the internal action
    is no longer be included in statistics when calculating processes
  • --batch is deprecated
  • execution strategies line no longer handles differently the case
    where all processes have the same strategy.
  • The --experimental_remote_spawn_cache flag is now enabled by
    default, and remote caching no longer needs --*_strategy=remote
    flags (it will fail if they are specified).
  • android_binary.aapt_version='aapt2' now supports en_XA and ar_XB
  • Added --apple_enable_auto_dsym_dbg flag.
  • non_propagated_deps has been removed from objc_library and
  • For Android projects, Bazel now supports building fonts as
    resources. See
    for more information on the feature.
  • With --incompatible_no_support_tools_in_action_inputs enabled, Skylark
    action inputs are no longer scanned for tools. Move any such
    inputs to the newly introduced 'tools' attribute.

Notice: Bazel installers contain binaries licensed under the GPLv2 with
Classpath exception. Those installers should always be redistributed along with
the source code.

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bundled OpenJDK and other open-source components can be displayed by running
the command bazel license. The vendor and version information of the bundled
OpenJDK can be displayed by running the command bazel info java-runtime.
The binaries and source-code of the bundled OpenJDK can be
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