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Release 0.2.0 (2016-02-18)

Baseline: 9e100ac

Incompatible changes:

  • ObjC compile actions for J2ObjC-translated code now only has
    access to headers from the java deps of the associated original
    java rule.
    These compile actions no longer takes the compiler options
    specified in "copts" attribute on objc_binary/ios_test rules.
    J2ObjC dead code removal (enabled through flag
    "--j2objc_dead_code_removal") now happens after ObjC
  • maven_jar no longer supports separate artifact_id, group_id, and
    verison fields. This information should be provided in the
    artifact field,

New features:

  • Better support for toolchains that don't have a dynamic linker.
  • build_file_content attribute added to new_git_repository,
    new_http_archive, and new_local_repository.
  • Add support for .tar.bz2 archives to http_archive rules.

Important changes:

  • The --skyframe flag is no longer available for the build command.
  • The --artifacts flag was removed from the dump command.
  • The sha256 attribute is now optional (although recommended!) for
    remote repository rules.
  • Add instrumented file provider support to Skylark rules.
  • Add imports attribute to native Python rules.
  • Allow overriding -gsplit-dwarf from copts.
  • Improved sandbox performance on XFS filesystems.