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Latest commit 180e1ef Jan 11, 2017 @davidzchen davidzchen committed on GitHub Implementing extracting symbols from load()s and adding them to stubs. (

This change adds LoadExtractor, which walks the AST of the .bzl file and
extracts information from the load() statements about symbols that are loaded
from other .bzl files. These symbols are then added to the set of global stubs
in RuleDocExtractor so that, as a first step, if any of these symbols loaded
from other .bzl files are referenced in the global scope, Skydoc would not
raise a NameError.

Skydoc - Skylark Documentation Generator

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Skydoc is a documentation generator for Bazel build rules written in Skylark.

Skydoc provides a set of Skylark rules (skylark_library and skylark_doc) that can be used to build documentation for Skylark rules in either Markdown or HTML. Skydoc generates one documentation page per .bzl file.

A screenshot of Skydoc generated HTML documentation

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