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This repository contains the codes of the following paper

BB Damodaran, B Kellenberger, R Flamary, D Tuia, N Courty, "DeepJDOT:Deep Joint Distribution Optimal Transport for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation", in European Conference on Computer Vision 2018 (ECCV-2018).


In order to run, the code requires the following Python modules:

  • Numpy
  • Matplotlib
  • POT (Python Optimal Transport library)
  • keras with tensorflow backend (preferably GPU version)
  • imutils (only for rotating images in regression demo)
  • scikit-learn (for scoring functions)


  • Deepjdot - module contains the implementation of the DeepJDOT
  • dnn - import necessary functions from keras
  • deepjdot_demo - DeepJDOT on the sample dataset
  • deepjdot_svhn_mnist - DeepJDOT on SVHN & MNIST dataset

To run the DeepJDOT on the sample 2D dataset, please see or run the "".

To run on the real data set: SVHN --> MNIST, please see "". The default task is to do classification but you can turn on regression demo by setting do_reg to True. If you do not want to wait long training time you can set small_model to True.

For regression demo, each image will be randomly rotated around its center, and then the label will be the angle rotated. The angle will be scaled to [0, 1]. The model needs to predict how much the image is rotated.

I suggest you run the demo files inside Spyder or any interactive python IDE so that you can investigate each cell denoted by #%% lines and understand the code better.