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@bbepis bbepis released this Mar 31, 2019

Version 3.1.0

 * FEATURE - Support for games with 'netstandard2.0' API surface through config option 'EnableExperimentalHooks'
 * BUG FIX - Bug fixes and improvements to Utage hooking implementation - EnableUtage config option also removed (always on now)
 * BUG FIX - Rich text parser bug fixes when only a single tag with no ending was used
 * BUG FIX - Fixed potential NullReferenceException in TextGetterCompatibilityMode
 * BUG FIX - Load translator assemblies even if a '#' is present in file path
 * MISC - Determine whether to disable certificate checks at config initialization based on scripting backend and unity version
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@bbepis bbepis released this Mar 16, 2019 · 3 commits to master since this release

Version 3.0.2

 * BUG FIX - UnityInjector installer package now uses correct folder structure (Translators has been moved into Config folder) and ExIni is no longer distributed
 * BUG FIX - Fixed harmony priority usage, which was incorrectly used in 3.0.1
 * MISC - Plugin should no longer translate text input fields for NGUI
 * MISC - Added config option to 'DisableCertificateValidation' for all hosts under all circumstances in case the plugin locks up. This option is only required by very few games
 * MISC - Experimental hooking support for methods with no body (configured through 'EnableExperimentalHooks' setting)
 * MISC - Restructured README file. New order: 1. Installation, 2. Usage, 3. Configuration, 4. Integration
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@bbepis bbepis released this Mar 10, 2019 · 4 commits to master since this release

Version 3.0.1

 * BUG FIX - Fixed bug that could in certain situation cause IMGUI translation to drain on performance
 * BUG FIX - Never close a service point while a request is ongoing. Previously this could cause the plugin to lockup
 * BUG FIX - Only disable certificate checks if the .NET version is at or below 3.5
 * BUG FIX - Improved cleanup of object references
 * BUG FIX - Improved 'text stagger' check. Sometimes the plugin was identifying text as scrolling in, even though it was not
 * MISC - Proper test and support for .NET 4.x equivalent scripting backend for Unity
 * MISC - Timeout handling if an endpoint becomes unresponsive
 * MISC - Support post processing for normal text translations
 * MISC - Change harmony text hook priority to 'Last' instead of simply be executed 'after DTL'
 * MISC - More resilient harmony hook implementation to support potentially different versions of harmony being used
 * MISC - Updated harmony version deployed with the plugin (for IPA, ReiPatcher and UnityInjector), so it is no longer the homebrew version that was distributed with BepInEx
 * MISC - Made UI more readable by using a solid background
 * MISC - Changed max queued translations from 3500 to 4000
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@bbepis bbepis released this Feb 17, 2019 · 5 commits to master since this release

Version 3.0.0

 * FEATURE - UI to control plugin more conveniently (press ALT + 0 (that's a zero))
 * FEATURE - Dynamic selection of translator during game session
 * FEATURE - Support BingTranslate API
 * FEATURE - Support LEC Offline Power Translator 15
 * FEATURE - Enable custom implementations of translators
 * FEATURE - Removed support for Excite translate because it only support the 'WWW' API in Unity due to missing Tls1.2 support
 * FEATURE - Updated Watson translate to v3
 * FEATURE - Support for 'romaji' as output language. Only google supports this at the moment
 * FEATURE - Batching support for all endpoints where the API supports it
 * BUG FIX - Too many small fixes to mention
 * MISC - {GameExeName} variable can now be used in configuration of directories and files
 * MISC - Changed the way the 'Custom' endpoint works. See README for more info
 * MISC - Added new configuration 'GameLogTextPaths' to enable special handling of text components that text is being appended to continuously (requires export knowledge to setup)
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@bbepis bbepis released this Jan 27, 2019 · 38 commits to master since this release

Version 2.18.0

 * FEATURE - Text Getter Compatibility Mode. Fools the game into thinking that it is not actually translated
 * FEATURE - Textures - Live2D component support
 * FEATURE - Textures - SpriteRenderer component support
 * FEATURE - Hotkey to reboot plugin in certain situations
 * BUG FIX - No longer trim translated text (if configured) when loading translation files
 * MISC - Support legacy OnLevelWasLoaded
 * MISC - Avoid harmless 'log errors' in relation to texture translation
 * MISC - Set max value of MaxCharactersPerTranslation to 500
 * MISC - Documentation update to describe 'Behaviour' configuration section
 * MISC - Removed "FromImageNameThenData" as hash source on textures
 * MISC - Added "FromImageNameAndScene" as hash source on textures
 * MISC - Inline comment handling when using '//' to indicate a comment
 * MISC - Improved default configuration for Utage-related games to improve translation when newlines are involved
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@bbepis bbepis released this Jan 13, 2019 · 39 commits to master since this release

 * FEATURE - Support legitimate Bing translate API (requires key)

 * FEATURE - Documented custom endpoint
 * BUG FIX - Fixed bug in older versions of the Unity engine where the plugin would crash on startup due to missing APIs in relation to the SceneManagement namespace
 * BUG FIX - Fixed bug that could happen in Utage-based games, that would cause dialogue to sometimes be cut off mid-sentence
 * BUG FIX - Incorrect handling of 'null' default values in configuration
 * BUG FIX - Various other minor fixes
 * MISC - Added configuration option to support ignoring texts starting with certain characters, IgnoreTextStartingWith
 * MISC - Template reparation for IMGUI translations
 * MISC - Big update to README file to fully describe the features of the plugin
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@bbepis bbepis released this Dec 16, 2018 · 40 commits to master since this release

 * FEATURE - Support image dumping and loading (not automatic!). Disa…

…bled by default

 * BUG FIX - Fixed toggle translation which was broken in 2.15.4
 * BUG FIX - Updated TKK retrieval logic
 * MISC - Removed Jurassic dependency as it is no longer required
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@bbepis bbepis released this Nov 5, 2018 · 55 commits to master since this release

Update to 2.15.4

 * MISC - Added configuration option to apply 'UI resize behaviour' to all components regardless of them being translated: ForceUIResizing
 * MISC - Added configuration option to change line spacing for UGUI within the 'UI resize behaviour': ResizeUILineSpacingScale
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