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MaxMind GeoIP legacy free/pro interface

Build Status

Currently City databases are supported.

Country, Region, Organization or ISP support may follow.


    use GeoIP::City;
    my $gc =;
    say $gc.locate( '' );                # IPv4
    say $gc.locate( '2001:4860:4860::8888' );   # IPv6


new( directory => '/home/me/geoip' )

Initialize databases.

Optional directory param overwrites default databases location, which may be useful for customized geoipupdate configuration and/or non-root users.


Check available database versions.

        'GEOIP_CITY_EDITION_REV1' => 'GEO-533LITE 20151103 Build 1...',
        'GEOIP_CITY_EDITION_REV1_V6' => 'GEO-536LITE 20151103 Build 1...'

locate ( $ip )

Find geo location for given IPv4 or IPv6 address.

Amount of fields in response may vary, below is the most complete one:

        'area_code' => 650,
        'city' => 'Mountain View',
        'continent_code' => 'NA',
        'country' => 'United States',
        'country_code' => 'US',
        'dma_code' => 807,
        'latitude' => 37.384499,
        'longitude' => -122.088097,
        'postal_code' => '94040',
        'region' => 'California',
        'region_code' => 'CA',
        'time_zone' => 'America/Los_Angeles'

If geo location for IP was not found then Nil is returned.

If database for given IP version is not available then GeoIP::City::X::DatabaseMissing exception is thrown.


MaxMind GeoIP C library and City legacy databases are required.

Ubuntu Linux

In terminal enter:

    sudo apt-get install libgeoip1 geoip-database-contrib
    sudo ln -s /usr/share/GeoIP/GeoLiteCityv6.dat /usr/share/GeoIP/GeoIPCityv6.dat

Mac OS X

Install Xcode from AppStore, then install HomeBrew.

In terminal enter:

    brew install geoip geoipupdate
    ln -s /usr/local/var/GeoIP/GeoLiteCityv6.dat /usr/local/var/GeoIP/GeoIPCityv6.dat


To obtain databases through geoipupdate use following names as ProductIds:

  • 533 - Free IPv4 database. File GeoLiteCity.dat must be linked as GeoIPCity.dat.
  • 133 - Paid IPv4 database. In this case you also need valid license filled.
  • GeoLite-Legacy-IPv6-City - Free IPv6 database. File GeoLiteCityv6.dat must be linked as GeoIPCityv6.dat. (there is no paid version of IPv6 database)

Warning: Make sure your geoipupdate uses the same directory that libGeoIP expects. Or pass it explicitly to new( ).

Warning: Do not use old REV0 databases (for example paid ProductIds = 132).


Released under Artistic License 2.0.


You can find me (and awesome people who helped me to develop this module) on #perl6 channel as bbkr.