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Code Firefox

Code Firefox is a video an exercise tutorial site for coding Firefox and other Mozilla related technologies.

Setting up this project

  1. Fork bbondy/codefirefox to user/codefirefox
  2. Run git clone in the required directory.
  3. cd codefirefox , Move present working directory to codefirefox
  4. Install and setup redis
  5. Run redis-server passing in the command line: redis.conf (listens on port 10226)
  6. Copy data/config.json.sample to data/config.json, modify it appropriately
  7. Install node.js (Current Version: v0.10.20)
  8. Run: npm install in the source code directory
  9. Run: node --harmony app
  10. Once the server is running visit localhost:22935/initData
  11. Browse to localhost:22935 to see all of the data

Exercise module

Running tests

Tests are run using the Mocha framework. To get tests working just run:

npm test

Reinitializing data

Once the server is running, you can init data from videos.json by visiting localhost:22935/initData.

Setting up redis on Windows

  1. Extract third_party/ to a folder on your Desktop
  2. Copy third_party/redis-win/redis.conf to that same folder on your Desktop

Setting up redis otherwise

  1. See per platform instructions
  2. Use the redis.conf from third_party/redis-win/redis.conf

Proxy note

Note : In case you are behind a proxy connection, before running npm install run the following command. npm config set proxy http://<proxy_name or proxy_url>:<port_number>


Install node.js (Current Version: v0.10.20) redis-server: (Windows based on Redis 2.6. The latest version merged in 2.6.12)

Server side dependencies

  • Node
  • express
  • stylus
  • jade
  • async
  • codecheckjs
  • acorn.js
  • underscore
  • prettyjson

Client side dependencies

  • Backbone.js
  • React
  • RequireJS

Checklist for posting new videos

  • Add the video slug to data/videos.json
  • Are there any links to MDN or other resources that should be added?
  • Add a postedDate field to the JSON file
  • Run npm test
  • Subtitle the live in English from the local server
  • Or alternatively, at least watch the video on the locally deployed server (sometimes ScreenFlow doesn't encode properly)
  • Add to git and push
  • Pull in on
  • Double check live video is live
  • Post link on @codefirefox twitter
  • Add link for translations to Mozilla team Amara site:


Video and exercise based tutorial site for coding Firefox and other Mozilla related technology







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