The DragonConsole is a cross platform Java based Terminal Emulator.
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Dragon Console


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DragonConsole v3.0.0 beta is finally finished and available for forking as it's been migrated to GitHub. Version 3 is the first to be released as an Open Source project and is a lightweight and useful Terminal Emulator for any Java application designed for any Operation System (with a JVM).

DragonConsole v3 Features

  • The ability to Color Text that is output to the Console with simple three character !DragonConsole Color Codes (DCCC).
  • A CommandProcessor to process all input given by the user.
  • Two methods of input. Inline, which allows the user to type directly in the Console (for a Console look and feel) or Separated input which uses an "Input Area" at the bottom of the Console for input.
  • FileProcessor for quick and easy reading of a plain text file and converting it into a String.
  • InputScript which allows the programmer to script input methods directly into Output sent to the console. There are four different types of input, Ranged, Protected Ranged, Infinite, and Protected Infinite.
  • ANSI Color Code support (must be enabled/disabled) with more ANSI Code Support on the way!