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Simple RSS to CSV converter
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RSS to CSV Converter

This is a simple script to convert RSS feeds into CSV format, suitable for importing into Excel.

See this original blog post for more background and instructions:


  1. Browse to
  2. Enter the URL of an RSS feed and submit
  3. Save the resulting file (named export.csv by default)


To run your own copy of this script:

  1. Download and locate rss2csv.php and in a suitable location
  2. Create a subdirectory logs that is writeable by the webserver process (e.g., mkdir logs; chmod 777 logs)
  3. Browse to rss2csv.php and give it a try!


  1. The script can handle UTF-8 in the source file, but Excel cannot (CSV files don't technically support Unicode)
  2. Only RSS feeds are supported; it won't work with an Atom feed
  3. Data fields are limited (truncated) to 32,000 characters to avoid hitting Excel's cell size limitation


Licensed under the MIT License.

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