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Workshop content and resources for the 2018 BC Data Science Workshop hosted by PIMS.
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2018 PIMS BC Data Science Workshop


worshop-content2018 contains workshop content and resources for the 2018 BC Data Science Workshop hosted by PIMS. Please see below for links relevant to each team.


Fifty workshop participants comprise students affiliated with PIMS institutions or local industry, forming five teams. Each team will have five days to tackle an innovation challenge provided by an industry mentor:

  • SSR Mining
  • St. Paul's Hospital
  • SNC-Lavalin
  • Comm100
  • CloudPBX


  1. Predicting heavy equipment failure
  2. Connecting genetic mutations to cytokine levels
  3. Interpolating ship paths in the Port of Metro Vancouver
  4. Determining intent and automating knowledge base creation from live chat transcripts
  5. Analyzing user opinion of call quality, and network performance of a VoIP PBX


Please visit the workshop website for information, schedules and resources.

This repository also contains a resources folder individuals who might need a refresher on GitHub, scikit-learn, pandas, nltk, tidyverse, dplyr or bash. This folder also contains some project-specific resources for loading and formatting particular file types (like genetic data).


  • PIMS
  • IAM
  • SSR Mining
  • CloudPBX
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