Content (slide decks etc) from presentations related to use of R (#rstats) in the B.C. government
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This repository is for materials related to public presentations given by B.C. government public servants on the topic of R (#rstats). If you have given a presentation and would like to contribute your materials to this repository, please open a pull request. Individual presentations are given their own sub-directory. Please contribute your materials to that sub-directory.

Note that internal presentations and materials can be found in the bcgov-useR repo.


To share practices, inspire each other & support continuous learning using R for data science in the BC Public Service.


2018-11-05: UBC GEM 580 lecture (Andy Teucher)

2018-11-07: EARL Seattle (Martin Monkman)

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How to Contribute

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Creative Commons License

Copyright 2018 Province of British Columbia

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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