Contributing to the Digital Toolkit

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There are a couple of ways to contribute: Either a) fork a repository, modify or create new content, and submit a pull request, or b) reach out to one of the contacts mentioned within the toolkit (/contact-us) to begin a discussion of alternate ways. One way may be as simple as submitting a Word document to the project owners.

Making a contribution using GitHub

Making suggestions and edits is as easy as forking this repository and submitting a pull request - just edit the relevant Markdown files.

Some Assembly Required

In order to contribute to this project, basic knowledge of the Markdown syntax is required. Markdown is really easy to learn - basically you just edit the text inside the Markdown (.md, .markdown) files in order to change the content inside the guides.

Making a contribution via email

Copy and paste the content of the page you'd like to edit, make your edits and send them to the OCIO. Be sure to include the URL of the page that you are contributing to in your email.

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