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Simple Proxy


Simple Proxy is a tool that allows you to serve your SPA and proxy any 404 requests
The application will proxy request and cookies for you.

Use cases

  • Single page application

      Serve your static content and proxy API call for AJAX calls
      no cross domain, no need to have a back end running on your local environment
      You can switch from staging to prod very easily.
  • Debug

      Serve only the static file you want to debug
      create a empty folder and add only the file you want to edit 


  • To start the server on /my/single/app/root

      $ cd /my/single/app/root
      $ node /path/to/simple/proxy/sp.js <PORT-TO-SERVE> <DOMAIN-TO-PROXY>
  • You can specify a specific port to proxy: by default it will be on port 80