Build a website yourself. Easy to use, get a fast workflow and fast website.
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Opinionated Jekyll starter kit
Get a fast local workflow, and a strongly optimized website in production.

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How to use it


  • Ruby - use the installer
  • Jekyll - $ gem install jekyll
  • NodeJS - use the installer.

Tested with : node 5.12.0, jekyll 3.1.6, ruby 2.3.0

Dev mode

$ git clone
$ cd impatient-jekyll
$ npm install
$ $(npm bin)/gulp
 # ta-da ! the browser launches itself,
 # and will rebuild and live-reload each time you
 # change a CSS, JS, or HTML file

Production mode

The website will deploy on branch gh-pages, so create a new repository <your_repo_name> in Github, and add the remote in your project like this :

# be sure you start from a fresh GitHub state
$ rm -rf .git
$ git init
$ git add . && git commit -m 'initial commit'
$ git remote add origin<your_github_name>/<your_repo_name>.git
# in, set baseurl to <your_repo_name>
$ git push -u origin master

# I suppose you've already run npm install ?
$ gulp deploy
# ta-da ! your super optimized website
# can be see at  https://<your_github_name>/<your_repo_name>/

Special Thanks

I used the following resources to achieve the tools :